Lake Charles Through Post Cards
Historic old post cards tell the story of early Lake Charles in the 1930s and 40s.

Panorama shots of Lake Charles 1923 (available for sale, email )

Stereoview of the lake front 

Above: Chateau Charles Motel in the 70s

Above: Aftermath of the 1910 Fire

Above: Fighting the 1910 Fire

Above: Lover's Lane

Above: Bilbo Street

Above: LaGrange High School

Above:  Front Porch of the Majestic Hotel

Above and below: Majestic Hotel

Above: Parish Court House

Above: Lake Charles Academy

Above: Elks Homes

Above: Lake Charles Ferry

Above: Long Leaf Lumber Company

Above: Pujo Street and Lake Charles Bank

Above: Lake Charles Court House

Above: Home along Shell Beach Drive

Above: W.T. Burton Home

Above: Ryan Street

Above: Shell Beach Drive

Above: St. Patrick Hospital

Above: Southern Railroad Depot

Above: Kirby Street

Above: Charleston Hotel

Above: Charleston Hotel

Above: The Hazel Crossing Calcasieu River

Above: City Hall

Above: Boat Club on the lake

Above: Pujo Street

Above:  Logs on the Calcasieu River

Above: First Baptist Church