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First, let us say that these ideas are just that, ideas. Several teachers have tried things like this and with input from other teachers in our group came up with the idea presented below.
  • I love doing a little magic here and there in class. When I talk about the value of the dollar or our money I stress that our paper money is only "worth" about 2 and a half cents - the cost of paper and printing. Its value comes from what someone is willing to 'trade' for it. At some point in my discussion I tear a dollar bill in half stressing that it is only paper! Making sure that I tear it slightly off center I pass around the smaller half and talk about how I can get a replacement dollar since I have the bigger 'half'. I go on talking about our money and how advertising makes thing go up in value and so on.
  • At a point in the lesson, I collect the smaller part. I hold and fumble with the two halves of the dollar in my hands so the kids can see it. During my talk on economy, they 'miss' something. While not really paying attention, I unfold the money and there - low and behold - is a untorn dollar bill.
  • A little simple magic goes a long way. Students from several years back still wonder how I did that right in front of them. I'll never tell.

If you use this ideas please email me and let me know what you did and how it worked so that I can pass that information along to other teachers.

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