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Brainstorming Session Hooks from a CPSB Inservice
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First, let us say that these ideas are just that, ideas. Several teachers have tried things like this and with input from other teachers in our group came up with the idea presented below.
  • Collect 5-7 items from a fellow teacher or administrator that represents "them". Place the items in a small black box. After the students enter the room pull out one item and ask them to discuss or write down who the item may belong to. Discuss why the have that answer. After a full discussion, pull out the second item. Tell them that it came from the same person. Does it change their prediction or selection? If so, why? Continue until you have all items on display. During this time bring in points about archeology. At the end of the discussion time if they don't have the answer have them ask around school or 'sleep' on it and finish tomorrow.
  • The reason we thought of using a 'black box' is because kids are familiar with the term from airplane crashes. The black box holds all the information known about the event in question.

If you use this ideas please email me and let me know what you did and how it worked so that I can pass that information along to other teachers.

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