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Mardi Gras and Community Service
A wonderful way to give to someone else

from Brenda Harp

For Mardi Gras, I allow the kids to work in pairs. Each pair has a fair or festival to research. Then they have to decorate an umbrella to represent their festival. They sometimes even make festival hats. They also have to give an oral report using the umbrella to the rest of the class.

Many times I have had students wear T shirts that they have designed on their own that goes along with the umbrella. However this is not required.

That afternoon we go over to our local nursing home and have a parade inside of the home where we throw beads and candy to the residents. It is a great service project and the residents look forward to it each year.

It is amazing how creative these kids can be in decorating the umbrellas. I give 2 grades on this assignment. Also they have to decorate at home because of space confinements. I allow them to pick partners themselves so they can choose someone in their vicinity.

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