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Okay, I have provided you with hundreds of lesson ideas, worksheets, activities, and all I ask it that you send me one idea that YOU have. Click on your favorite project on your computer and send it to me so that I can share it with other teachers who are looking for that “one” like that helps them through the day. Other teachers may like what your kids like. We ALL have to work together for the betterment of OUR students here in Louisiana.

Send it to or and help other teachers in need.

  • A Louisiana BioBoard
    • Students end the year with a 'what they know' about a historical Louisiana figure.
  • A Louisiana Pizza
    • Let the students create a state pizza. Brorrowed from a TpT project about World history.
  • Who "CAN" It Be?
    • Let the students can a historical figure.
  • New Coins
    • Let the students create a new state coin.
  • Parish Postage Stamps
    • Let the students take a parish 'other than their own' and create a stamp celebrating what that parish is famous for.
  • Zombie Attacks
    • I know it sounds weird but this activity is a short one day filler you need to give a try.
  • Doing Louisiana Interviews
    • From: Yvonne Andrepont, teacher, Louisiana History Class, Ascension Catholic Middle School.

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