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1600 - 1650

Okay, I have provided you with hundreds of lesson ideas, worksheets, activities, and all I ask it that you send me one idea that YOU have. Click on your favorite project on your computer and send it to me so that I can share it with other teachers who are looking for that “one” like that helps them through the day. Other teachers may like what your kids like. We ALL have to work together for the betterment of OUR students here in Louisiana.

Send it to or and help other teachers in need.

  • Colony Travel Brochure
    • An early Louisiane Travel Brochure for the colony.
  • French Advertisement
    • An assignment advertising to their Frenchmen back home to get them to come to the colony.
  • French Newspaper
    • An assignment letting students (teams of two) create a newspaper on a half sheet of posterboard. Have student search Google, Bing, or textbook for images.
  • French PopUp
    • An assignment letting students create a PopUp on one of Louisiane's early explorers. Have student search Google, Bing or texbook for images. For best handout, print these on cardstock.

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