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"Bead Economy" teaching to middle school students 

Joni Harrington
W.W. LEWIS MIDDLE - Calcasieu Parish

I remembered that you wanted to look at this bead game.  I hope you can use it.  We had fun with it.  I took it from the Internet – can’t remember the site.  I just attached the whole lesson, but if you scroll down, it’s in there."

Attached is the economy unit (2) which includes the ending activity called the "Bead Game" (page 7).

"Students will have the opportunity to participate in the three basic economic systems, (market, command, and tradition). By working in each of the systems, students internalize the fundamental values present in each system. They also gain insights into the basic advantages and disadvantages of each system."

Joni told me several times how much her kids loved this activity and wanted to do it over and over. If you need an economics lesson here is the 'full-blown' unit and a wonderful hands-on interactive lesson.

Economy unit word doc.

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