Meet T-Flat Boudreaux

South Louisiana's Answer to Flat Stanley

T-Flat came about as a way to teach Louisiana geography to seventh graders.
It also gives them the opportunity to learn writing and communication skills
taught in ELA class. The orginal idea came after receiving several Flat Stanley letters
from elementary schools across the country. I figured if they could
learn United States or World geography, we could learn Louisiana geography.
Adding a little Louisiana spice and humor -
T-Flat Boudreaux was born.

As I took part in several technology classes, I always had to
write lessons using a technology connection -
And T-Flat's destinations were born.

You can check out T-Flat's travels and adventures by clicking here.

Below are links to the lesson plan, all templates, and the trackstar links
for T-Flat's travels. Modify them as needed.

Meet T-Flat Lesson Plan

T-Flat Boudreaux cut out Template

T-Flat Introduction Letter Template

T-Flat "About Us" Letter Template

T-Flat Rubric

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