Two Vicious Killers 

Bonie and Clyde; two vicious killers. Bonnie's real name was Bonnie Parker. She lived from 1910 to 1934. Clyde's real name was Clyde Champion Barrow. He lived from 1909 to 1934. Bonnie and Clyde were unfeeling killers with vicious and cunning personalities. They spread terror through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and other states. They earned a reputation as utterly lethal killers who enjoyed taking lives. To attempt to reason with them was to invite death. They preyed upon poor tenant farmers as much as they attacked and robbed middle class shopkeepers. Clyde was an expert killer who taught Bonnie how to shoot and kill. Clyde began robbing in 1928 and Bonnie started soon after. 

Clyde meet Bonnie in a cafe that she worked in. Clyde thought Bonnie was the perfect woman for him, but Bonnie was married to a convict. His name was Ray Thornton. Ray was in prison serving a ninety-nine year sentence for murder. Bonnie liked excitement, high drama, and a life full of danger. That is the reason she married Ray, but soon as Bonnie started dating Clyde, she forgot all about Ray because Clyde kept her very excited. Clyde took Bonnie with him to rob stores and she decided she liked living that way. When they would rob a store, Bonnie would drive the getaway car, while Clyde would rob the store. 

In early 1930, Bonnie and Clyde robbed a store and Clyde left fingerprints. The fingerprints were found and Clyde was arrested. Bonnie didn't get in trouble because there was no proof of her being there. Clyde wrote Bonnie a letter while in prison and asked for a "pick-me-up", which meant a gun. Bonnie smuggled a .38 calliber into the jail and gave it to Clyde. Later that day Clyde broke out of jail with the use of the gun. He escaped and was later caught again. The second time Clyde's mother got him out of jail. As soon as he was released, he and Bonnie started robbing again. 

Bonnie and Clyde robbed off and on for four years until 1934 when they both were killed. They were killed in a car trying to escape from the police. This time the police had enough ammunition to take them on. The police fired their guns into the car for a few minutes nonstop. The car was pierced full of bullet holes. Bonnie and Clyde died instantly. Clyde was shot so many times it cut his shirt in half. When the bodies were taken to the morgue, people paid to get in and see the bodies 

Source: The World Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment

Bonnie & Clyde

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