A Story About Louisiana Teacher's Pay
Maybe we should just babysit!

"I'm fed up with teachers and their hefty salaries for only 9 months work" said the man. "What we need here is a little perspective. If I had my way, I would pay teachers baby-sitting wages! That's right...instead of paying these outrageous taxes! I'd give them $3 an hour. And I'm only paying for five hours; NOT for those planning times, after hours meetings, or duty times either! That's $15 a day!"

"Fine," said the teacher. "I'll take it"

The man looked surprised!

"Each parent will pay $15 a day for me to babysit their children. Even if they have more than one child it will be cheaper than private daycare. And as a bonus, I will continue to TEACH these childern. Lets see, I teach on average 25 children per hour - that's $15 x 25 = $375 a day. But remember, we work - as you said , 180 days, so that's $375 x 180 = $67,500 a year."

"Now wait a minute." said the man.

The teacher added, "What about those teachers who have ten years or more of experience, a master's degree, or teach special education? They should at least get minimum wage don't you think? Let's round it off to say...$6 per hour. That's $6 x 5 hours x 25 children = $750 per day. Now multiply that times 180 days. That's $135,000 per 180 days."

"Hey wait a minute...", said the man. "Something is wrong here!"

"That's what I think too." said the teacher.

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Webmasters note: Last school year I taught 165 kids during the course of a normal day. Lets see, 165 x $3 = $495 x 180 days = 89,100. I'll take it. It's about twice what I made. And with 18 years.... 165 x $6 = 990 x 180 days = $178,200. I would gladly take the babysitting job!

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