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St. John the Baptist was one of the original 19 parishes, and was created March 31, 1807, by an act of the Orleans Territory Legislature. It was first settled by John Law's German colonists who came down from Arkansas, and by many from the war-torn peasantry of Germany, who formed Louisiana's German Coast.

The parish seat of St. John the Baptist is Edgard. Parish size equals 218.9 square miles.

Agriculture: sugarcane.

Industry: Dupont, Cargill, Bayside, Godchaux-Henderson Sugar Company, Marathon Oil Refinery.

Tourist Attractions: "San Francisco", built in 1849, was the setting for Frances Parkinson Keyes' book, Steamboat Gothic. Evergreen Plantation, on the west bank of the river, was built in the 1820s and has been the setting for several movies. Thousands attend the annual Andouille Festival to taste the spicy sausage which the first settlers brought to the area.

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