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Established March 7, 1843, this parish is rich in lore and history. Fort Jesup is a colorful reminder of Louisiana's history- when the land was the vast Louisiana Territory and eventually produced 13 of the United States. During this transistion period, the treaty of 1803 failed to define clearly the western boundary of Louisiana, with the result that America claimed eastern Texas and the Spanish claimed western Louisiana. From this confused state, there developed a "no-man's land" east of the Sabine River

The parish seat of Sabine is Many. With an area totally 865.3 square miles, Sabine Parish has 12 schools, 1 airport, 12 churches, and 1 rail line.

Agriculture: poultry and beef cattle.

Industry: wood products, clothing manufacturing, Zwolle Tank Car Company.

Tourist Attractions: Fort Jesup State Monument; Hodges Gardens, open year-round, featuring a beautiful Christmas lighting celebration; Toledo Bend Reservoir (year-round fishing, boating, and resort area, a sportsman's paradise); Toro Hills Resort; village of Fisher; Old Sawmill town; Block House Church Marker; site of the treaty setting up the boundary for the neutral strip.

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