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Established March 13, 1807, this region was early explored by Iberville (1699). He cut a shallow waterway through a neck of high land circled by the Mississippi River and gave it the name Pointe Coupee, or "cut point". Canadian trappers came as early as 1708, and were joined by deserters of the French colony, at Biloxi. In 1718 Bienville established a post here and gave large land grants to settlers. Later in the century, Acadian refugees settled in the parish.

The parish seat of Pointe Coupee is New Roads. Total parish size: 557.4 square miles.

Agriculture: soybeans, beef cattle, corn, grain, sugarcane, horticulture crops, forestry, and cotton.

Industry: sugar mill, pecan shelling plant, Big Rivers Industry, chipping mill, cotton gin, garment factory, packing company, and grain elevator.

Tourist Attractions: Parlange (1750) and other lovely antebellum homes.

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