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Formally organized on March 25, 1844, Morehouse lies mostly in the Mississippi River delta land, amply irrigated by numerous streams and bayous. It was originally a part of the Ouachita Territory, which extended from the Mississippi River to the Red River, encompassing a large part of northeast Louisiana. The earliest settlers arrived in 1796 under the colonization program of the Spanish governor, Baron De Carondelet. He granted 12 leagues square to the Dutch nobleman Baron De Bastrop, with the provision that he bring 500 settlers to the area. Abraham Morehouse was one of these early settlers. The parish and the principal city were named after the two founding fathers.

The parish seat of Morehouse is Bastrop. With an area totally 794.3 square miles, Morehouse Parish has 19 schools, 1 airport, and 2 rail lines.

Agriculture: cotton, rice, wheat, corn, livestock, timber, and soybeans.
Industry: International Paper co.' Morehouse Garment Corp.; Baltz Manufacturing; Tidewater Manufacturing' Stauffer Chemical; Pellets, Inc.; grain elevators; cotton gins.

Bastrop: is Morehouse's major city.

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