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Lafourche is considered to have the longest line village in the world- 65 miles of farms and homes fronting Bayou Lafourche, from Thibodaux to Leesville. This is one of the largest parishes in square mileage. It was established as a parish April 10, 1805. The parish name comes from the Frech word for "fork", and was named for Bayou Lafourche. The first inhabitants to this area were the Washa, Chawasha, and Chitimacha Indian tribes.

The parish seat of Lafourche is Thibodaux. Lafourche has a total of 1,084.8 square miles.

Agriculture: cotton, rice, potatoes, sugarcane, corn, and fruit crops.

Industry: oil and related industries, sugar refining and related industries, timber, seafood canning, boat building.

Tourist Attractions: Antebellum homes.

Thibodaux is Lafourche's major city.

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