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Lafayette is one of the smallest parishes in square mileage. It was established as a parish January 17, 1823. The earliest settlers to the region were Andrew Martin and the Mouton family. Salvator and Anne Mouton were exiled from Nova Scotia. The story is told that Anne and her children, fearing English persecution, fled into the forest and subsisted for 10 days on roots and berries before escaping to a better life, in south central Louisiana. This is one of the many accounts that reveals the rich heritage of the Acadians.

The parish seat of Lafayette is Lafayette. The parish totals 269.9 square miles.

Agriculture: rice, soybeans, sugarcane, beef cattle, vegetable and dairy farming

Industry: oil and related industries, wholesale and retail trade.

Tourist Attractions: Lafayette Museum, Acadian Village; Vermillionville; Evangeline Downs (thoroughbred racing); the spring Azalea Trail, when the parish is ablaze with colors of the southern plantings.

Lafayette is the major city in Lafayette Parish.

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