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The parish of Jefferson was named for the great president Thomas Jefferson, and was created February 11, 1825. The northern part of the parish adjoins New Orleans and is a suburban residential section as well as a trade and industrial center. In 1803, when Louisina became a part of the United States, this area was wilderness; roamed by Choctaw Indians. This parish was under military occupation during the Civil War, but was governed again by itself in 1877.

The parish seat of Jefferson is Gretna. With an area totally 305.9 square miles, Jefferson Parish has 141 schools, 2 rail lines, 170 churches and 1 airport.

Industry: numerous manufacturing and industrial plants, including shipyards, port facilities, oil and related firms, many trade centers; fishing, hunting, and trapping.

Tourist Attractions: Jefferson Downs Thorougbred rcing, "haute cuisine: dining in the many famous restaurants, River Town in Kenner.

Major Cities in Jefferson Parish include:
Metarie, Gretna, Kenner, Harvey, Westwego, Marrero, Harahan, River Ridge,
and Terrytown.

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