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Iberville, one of the original 19 parishes, was created on March 31, 1807. It was named for Iberville, the great French explorer and brother of Bienville. Iberville made his first trip up the Mississippi River in 1699. A few miles south of Plaquemine, he found a large group of Bayougoulas Indians waiting to extend a welcome. Father Du Ru, a Jesuit missionary, established the first church and tried to convert the Indians later that year. There were only 376 residents in 1769 and most of them lived at St. Gabriel. The parish was occupied by Union forces during the Civil War.

The parish seat of Iberville is Jonesboro. With an area totally 618.7 square miles.

Agriculture: horse breeding, beef cattle, grain sorghum, sugarcane, and pecans.
Industry: Chemicals, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Georgia-Pacific, industrial fill materials, plastics.

Plaquemine, is the parishes major city.

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