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Created on June 15, 1910, Evangeline was appropriately named for the heroine of Longfellow's poem. The history of the parish is older than the parish itself. Evangeline, a part of the celebrated Attakapas prairie region, was settle by exiled Acadians.

The parish seat of Evangeline is Ville Platte. The parish has a total of 664.9 square miles.

Agriculture: rice, soybeans, beef cattle, sweet potatoes, cotton, dairy farming, forestry, corn, grain, vegetable farming, swine, hay, catfish, and crawfish farming.

Industry: Cabot Corp. (carbon black), Lithcote Corp. (railroad tank car processors), Valley Canning Co., Mocon Industries, Inc.

Tourist Attractions: Louisiana Cotton Festival, featuring "tournoi" medieval jousting tournaments.

Ville Platte ... is the business center of the parish. Ville Platte was first settled in the mid-19th century. Named because it was situated on the flatlands just south of the rolling hills north of Alexandria Rapides parish, it was incorporated in March of 1858.

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One of the 22 Acadiana parishes, Evangeline Parish is located in south-central Louisiana; its parish seat is Ville Platte. Evangeline has a population of 34,184. It produces a wide variety of goods: rice, sweet potatoes, soybeans, cotton, grain, corn, lumber, and hay, as well as catfish, crawfish, swine, and beef and dairy cattle. Attractions include Ville Platte’s Le Festival De Viande Boucanée (Smoked Meat Festival) in June, the Louisiana Cotton Festival and Tournoi (Jousting Tournament) in early October, and La Cajun Gumbo Festival the first weekend in November. Mamou hosts Cajun Day the last weekend in May and La Musique de la Prairie Mamou the weekend prior to Labor Day. Basile hosts the Louisiana Swine Festival in late October - early November. 38 percent of Evangeline’s population is Cajun. From Cajun

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