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Concordia Parish was founded January 6, 1810. Some claimes that the first white man to visit was Hernando DeSoto in 1542. More than 100 years later, LaSalle conferred with the Tensas and Natchez Indians here. He called it "new paradise." The actual settlement of the parish did not come until later. The first land grant was made to Jose Vidal by Governor-General de Lemos, who called it "New Concordia". Gayarré, a noted historian, claims the name was inspired by the amicable agreement of "concord" arrived at by the Spaniard, Vidal, and the American authorities in Natchez for the mutual surrender of slaves. Some say it was named for Concord, the magnificent residence built in Natchez by Gov. Gayoso de Lemos. The mansion has since burned, but he stories of the lavish entertainment of the rea continue to live.

The parish seat of Concordia is Vidalia. With an area totally 696.4 square miles, Concordia Parish has 13 schools, 1 airport and 20 churches.

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