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Beauregard Parish was named for Louisiana's famous Confederate general. It was created out of Calucasieu Parish on January 12,1912 Located on the border of Texas, in early years the region was mostly uninhabited. Just before 1861, it was settled by Scotch-Irish descendants from the Carolinas.

The parish seat of Beauregard is DeRidder. The town was incoporated in 1903; became the government seat in 1912. With an area totally 1,160.2 square miles, Beauregard Parish has 11 public schools, 88 churches, one airport and 3 rail lines.

Chief agriculture in Beauregard Parish are soybeans forestry, livestock, dairy farming, and rice. Industry: International Paper, Thermo-Con, DeRidder Dress Manufacturing, and Ampecet Corp.

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