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Ascension Parish is one of the original 12 "counties of Louisiana" and one of the original 16 parishes. Although listed in 1805 as "Acadia," the real meaning was "Acadia Coast". On March 31, 1807, it was given its present name. The parish was settled first by the Acadians who came to Louisiana between 1764 and 1772. The historic Catholic church in Donaldsonville contains the oldest church records in the state, dating from 1772.

The parish seat of Ascension is Donaldsonville. With an area totally 291.6 square miles, Ascension Parish has 17 public schools, 2 private schools, 51 churches, 4 rail lines and one airport.

Chief agriculture in Ascension Parish are corn, livestock, sugarcane, strawberries, and soybeans. Industry includes lumber, petrochemical, and related wood products.

Many antebellum homes, including Houmas House, Ashland-Belle Helene, and Hermitage- all beautiful old homes which give visitors a glimpse of life in days gone by.

Donaldsonville:...the parish seat, serves the area as a buisness and commercial center. The history of this city began in 1806, when William Donaldson established La Ville-de Donaldson. Later called Lafourche and then Donaldsonville, it was incorporated in 1822 and served as the capital of the state from 1830-1831.

Gonzales:...originally settled by the Acadians, is today a fast-growing industrial center. The call this city "Jambalaya Capital of the World"

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