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by Leeann Sandlin

One day there was an old witch that was disguised as a beautiful lady. She was more beautiful than anyone in bayou land - except for this one young girl.

This girl, called Sugar because she was so sweet, was a angelic, tall, slender, blonde, blue eyed girl. The old witch was very jealous of this girl and wanted her dead. That way she would be the most beautiful within bayou land.

One day the witch sent a servant to find Sugar and kill her and dump her in the Atchafalaya. For days and weeks he searched for her.

By the time he found her he was tired and hungry. Sugar, being so sweet, offered him food and drink and a place to rest. The servant was so grateful that he couldn't kill her.

When the witch found that the servant let Sugar live she got very angry. She had the servant locked away somewhere deep in Terrebonne parish.

Then the old witch set out to find Sugar herself. When the witch found her she cast a spell on her turning her into a little stalk or cane in the dirt.

Years have passed and the witch is long gone but across the bayou land, long, tall, slender, stalks of 'sugarcane' can still be found.

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