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The Legend of Ka-Tun

by Tai Hebert

The people of the village respected the Great Spirit Ka-Tun very much. They loved to do things to please him. However, one day, after a great festival, there was much talk. They decided that they wanted to do something for their Great Spirit because he had provided such good crop.

They thought and thought and finally they knew what they would do. They would weave rugs and such things to honor the Great Spirit and all that he did for them.

As soon as they started they realized that the wood that they used for baskets would not work. They needed something soft, something like fur. Deer skin didn't work either because it was rough on one side.

So they all gathered together to pray to the Great Spirit. He knew that in their hearts they wanted to please him and when he heard their prayers he was truly very happy.

He too thought long and hard and finally came up with something. Something very soft. He made one gigantic cloud, then he plucked little pieces from it and let them fall to Mother Earth. The people rejoiced at what the Great Spirit gave them. They used the material wisely, planting some pieces in the ground for the future.

They made their beautiful rugs and creations to honor the Great Spirit and since then the Spirit Ka-Tun's gift has been known as cotton.

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