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I surf the web almost daily looking for internet material for my classroom. Below you will find numerous links to 'history' lesson plans. There are sites for American history, state history, and world history. As with any internet site listing links, many move, are discontinued, or just disappear. If you notice any broken links, or have a favorite site to suggest, [email] them to us.

Lesson Plan Sites


Pirate Riddles

Mr Donn's FREE Lesson Plans (all types)

Louisiana Challenge

ProTeacher Lesson Plans

The Awesome Library

Discovery School

Mrs. Donn's State Lessons

Estuary Live Plans

Sabine Parish LEsson Plans

Teachers Guide - Lewis and Clark

Women's History

Strategies for Teachers K-12

Heritage Education

Educator's Corner

ClassBrain Lessons

The U.S. Mint

Louisiana Sites

The Louisiana Supreme Court Lessons

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