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How We Got de Blues

by Michael Krennerich

Once upon a time there was a family named LeBleu: a wife, husband, and two children. They were a happy family living on a farm in South Louisiana. The children did the farm work, the wife cooked, and the husband played his guitar and harmonica.

One day it was time for the children to start school leaving no one to do the farm work. The wife begged her husband to work, but he refused, just sitting there playing his music.

Finally she could stand it no more, so she walked out on him. The children didn't want to do all the work so they left home, too.

Even the farm animals, knowing that there was no one to feed them, let too. Suddenly he had no one left. No wife, no children, no livestock. He began to feel lonely and as he played his guitar and harmonica, he sang the story of what had happened.

Every time his neighbors would pass the house, they could hear his sad, mournful song. It's nothing they would say except de blues.

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