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The Cajun Who Cried Cocodrie

a Louisiana legend by Paul Simien based on an old folk tale

Once upon a time not to long ago there was a Cajun boy called Sugarcane Joe. Joe was a crawfish cowboy who worked the swamps around the town of Vermilionville. As he kept an eye on this year's herd he got bored and decided to create some excitement.

He started shouting "de cocodrie, de cocodrie."

All the townspeople came running to the swamp only to find Joe rolling along the bank, laughing.

Each time he called out the people came running because they were afraid of losing their crawfish herd which would mean no crawfish.

However, one day the people decided they had had enough and they wouldn't go when Joe called.

That day Joe was pushing his heard of crawfish along the edge of the swamp when something grabbed his leg. Now Joe didn't know that all that racket he had been making got the attention of a tie-tie cocodrie.

Under the water Joe went. As he came back up he started yelling, "de tie-tie cocodrie, de tie-tie cocodrie."

No one came.

That afternoon several locals went to the swamp to collect some crawfish for their fais do do. They called for Joe.

No answer.

They looked for their crawfish.

No crawfish.

On the other side of the swamp sat a great big, fat bellied, tie-tie cocodrie with a wide toothie grin on his face just smiling back at all those townspeople.

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