LA Traveler Meets Another Traveler

Date:  August 12, 2003
Reported by:   John Bridges

Greg English's seventh grade Louisiana history class is just about ready for the new school year. Of course it was just this way all through Summer. English never takes down his display of Louisiana memorabilia. 

"(I have) a 1951 sample plate that they gave to the legislature to show what hey would look like before they manufacture all of them."

English's collection ranges from hot sauce bottles to campaign signs. From Huey Long newspaper clippings to cajun seasoning. He calls his collection "eye candy."

"Even if you don't want to do anything in class, you're going to learn something about Louisiana from the wall or the ceiling or the cubby holes. You will learn something whether it came from me or the textbook or from this room."

English has textbooks in his class, but he rarely uses them. "I use it from time to time. For the most part, we do more hands-on, project based lessons."

English has traveled to every corner of the state, taking pictures and making notes; just so he'll be able to add a personal note to his lesson.

"A lot of the photographs in the textbook, I can tell the kids, 'right around the corner from that,' I'll tell them all the stories, because I've been there."

English's room is a popular stop for visitors to Oak Park Middle School. Principal Martin Guillory always loves to show off English's room to guests.