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Itinerary for LAFAYETTE Trip

(all times figured from Lake Charles)

8:15amLeave school for Lafayette (with or without you)
10:00amArrive at Acadian Village
12 noonSack Lunch on site, then complete assignments
12:45pmLeave Acadian Village
2:15pmArrive at school

Please have someone to pick up you up at this time.
Phone will be available if we arrive earlier.


All school rules and discipline will apply before and during this trip. Remember that you are here at MY INVITATION. You may be removed at MY discretion. SMALL coolers and snacks may be brought on trip. SMALL personal radios/cassettes may be used but ONLY with earphones. BRING CAMERA AND PLENTY OF FILM.
Shorts may be worn but follow school handbook as to length and style. Dress neatly. Your seat must remain in the seat at all times, no legs, heads, or arms are to be extended into the aisle of the bus by any student. If you lay down or sleep, you must be in or on your seat only. Before breakfast and after supper, all students will sit with students of the same gender, between those times you may sit with student of your choice. No seat changing except at stops listed above.
Any violation of these rules will result in student(s) sitting in front seat with chaperons for the remaining duration of the trip.
No money will be needed except for personal souvenirs.


Acadian Village, Southwest Lafayette. It is a replica of a Cajun village in the 1800's. It is a beautiful place and was the setting of the movie, "Belizaire the Cajun" by Glen Pitre. It starred Armand Asante. It is worth a visit to see how small south Louisiana communities looked during the last century.

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