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History Club's First Trip of the Year

Itinerary for BATON ROUGE trip

(all times figured from Lake Charles)

5:15amReport to school
5:30amLeave school for Baton Rouge (with or without you)
6:15amRest stop Mickey D's (breakfast-restroom stop) 30min.
9:00amArrive at LSU Rural Life Museum
11:00amLeave for Lunch
11:30amArrive at Mulate's for lunch
1:00pmLeave Mulate's
1:30pmArrive at Old State Capital
3:00pmLeave Old State Capital
3:15pmArrive State Capital, H.Long Statue, Pentagon Barracks
5:15pmBus stops at Governor's Mansion River front (USS Kidd) etc.
6:00pmLeave Baton Rouge
7:00pmSupper, shopping at Landry's Seafood in Henderson
8:30pmLeave Henderson for home
9:30pmReststop at Mickey D's in Jennings (if needed)
10:30-11pmArrive at school

Please have someone to pick up you up at this time.
Phone will be available if we arrive earlier.


All school rules and discipline will apply before and during this trip. Remember that you are here at MY INVITATION. You may be removed at MY discretion. SMALL coolers and snacks may be brought on trip. SMALL personal radios/cassettes may be used but ONLY with earphones. BRING CAMERA AND PLENTY OF FILM.
Shorts may be worn but follow school handbook as to length and style. Dress neatly. Your seat must remain in the seat at all times, no legs, heads, or arms are to be extended into the aisle of the bus by any student. If you lay down or sleep, you must be in or on your seat only. Before breakfast and after supper, all students will sit with students of the same gender, between those times you may sit with student of your choice. No seat changing except at stops listed above.
Any violation of these rules will result in student(s) sitting in front seat with chaperons for the remaining duration of the trip.
No money will be needed except for personal souvenirs.


Rural Life Museum, Essen Lane and I-10, (504) 765-2437 - The Rural Life Museum is located on the 450-acre Burden Research Plantation and provides insight into the largely forgotten life-styles and cultures of pre-industrial Louisiana. It is home to an extensive collection of tools, household utensils, furniture, vehicles, and farming implements. The site includes a complex of typical buildings including a kitchen, sick house, slave quarters, school, blacksmith shop, overseer's house, grist mille, shotgun house, church, and others.

Old State Capital, Riverside - This impressive Gothic castle was built in 1847 and served as the state capitol until 1932. Of particular interest is a massive spiral staircase which winds its way upward toward an impressive church-like stained-glass dome. Recently reopened in 1994, this building now features political items from Louisiana's history. There is a short film history of the building along with such items as the gun Dr. Weiss reportedly used to kill Governor Huey Long.

Louisiana State Capital This is the tallest state house in the United States and features Art Deco styling. The building is 34 stories tall with an observation deck on the 27th floor which offers a commanding view of the Mississippi River and capitol grounds.. Built in 1932, it is the site of Governor, then Senator, Huey Long's assassination. Open 8am - 4:30pm. The tower closes at 4pm.

Governor's Mansion: Built in 1960, this southern mansion style home has been the residence of every governor from John McKeithen to Edwin Edwards. Governor Edwards has spent more time in the home than another other. Open for tours only during the week.

Old Governor's Mansion: Built in 1930 at the request - or demand - of Huey Long, the house was designed to look like a smaller version of the White House. Served as the home of nine Louisiana governors until 1960. Currently serves as a museum of the governors who lived there.

Riverside: The levee and walkway park gives a close-up view of the Mississippi River, the USS Kidd, The Naval Museum, memorials, Museums, and Old State Capitol.

Mulates This restaurant has become world famous for its Cajun Cooking. Live bands are featured in the evenings. Menu features catfish, shrimp, alligator, frog legs, jambalaya, and many more South Louisiana dishes. Kids can feed the catfish and turtles out back while waiting on dinner. Located south of Baton Rouge on !-10 towards New Orleans.

Landrys Well known for its seafood, Landrys offers fine dinning or just good fun with great food. A live bands plays in the evenings. Located on the site is several small shops including an ice cream parlor, gift shop, and several others.

Mickey D's of Jennings - 1/2 mile south of I-10 this McDonalds restaurant has been transformed into a 1950's drive-in featuring attendants wearing 50's style uniforms, a 1959 red corvette in the lobby and many great oldies on the jukebox. Tables and booths are also in the style of "Happy Days" with posters of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe hanging at every turn.

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