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"Casket Girls Journal Assignment"

Jennifer Russell
Louise S. McGehee School

This lesson idea can be applied to various groups that came to Louisiana including the Pelican Girls, the Acadians, the Islenos, the Germans, and so on.

Pretend that you are a casket girls coming to live in New Orleans in 1728. Write a journal or diary entry describing the following:

1. How you look and dress

2. Describe who you would live with and where you would live

3. Explain your purpose in coming to New Orleans

4. What did you bring with you

5. How did you feel about the trip

6. What does New Orleans look like around you

You will need to use the pages in the text covering this time period for help in writing your journal. Take notes on the information you need to include in you writing, then write your journal entry using your notes. It should be at least one page written or 3/4 page typed (12 point type, double spaced). You should also include a small drawing to represent some aspect of your life as a casket girl living in New Orleans.

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