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LaSalle's Travel Brochure or Poster
by Kitty Henderson, Senior Project Assistant/Educational Coordinator
Texas Historical Commission

Design a travel brochure or poster to attract people to join La Salle's expedition to the New World. This will be the only source of information for these potential travelers. Therefore, you must sell them on the idea of going and what to expect in the New World.

Your brochure or poster should explain the following points:

  1. Who La Salle is and why he is traveling to the New World.
  2. When the journey is taking place and how long it will take.
  3. Where the journey will end, what type of climate and land you will find, whether or not the land is inhabited, and how you will live once in the New World.
  4. What type of obstacles, problems or dangers may occur.
  5. What type of provisions and personnel items the travelers may take along.
  6. The cost of the journey.
  7. Other information that might be useful to the travelers, such as age limits, health requirements, and special skills needed.

BE CREATIVE AND PERSUASIVE!!! You want to recruit settlers!

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