The Isle of Orleans

Greg English

1800s Louisiana History

This worksheet gives the students a chance to recreate the Isle of Orleans and discover just what the “Isle” meant, how much it covered and just what the president sent his men to buy from Napoleon.

Have students research the map above and other state maps to create the Isle, color it in, and label all areas in and around the Isle. Have them label, New Orleans, the Mississippi, Amite River, Bayou Manchac, Lake Borgne, Lake Maurepas, Chandeleur Bay, Benton Sound, the Gulf of Mexico, the Delta, Lake Pontchartrain, and Pass Manchac. Now color in only the “Isle”, the area of New Orleans surround by water ( the area surrounded by the Mississippi, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, Pass Manchac, Bayou Manchac, and the Gulf of Mexico)

Work Sheet.doc