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Creating a model of
Fort St. Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches
1716 1803

Greg English
Oak Park Middle School

"I created this assignment for my students after seeing Bill Denney present a similar lesson on the Land Ordinance of 1785 during a Middle School Institute. I liked the idea so much that I went home and grabbed my grandson's Legos and began creating a hurricane lesson idea. I followed that with a lesson building a model of Fort St. Jean Baptiste to go along with my story of St. Denis."

First: You will need to garage sale shop for old Legos. Buying them in the store is out of a teacher's price range plus you can not get enough of the right pieces. I also searched ebay for mine.

You will need for each group:

  • One 12x12 green Lego base
  • One odd colored 1x3 Lego used to indicate NORTH
(The following will all be in one color)
  • Four 2x3 Legos
  • Three 2x2 Legos
  • One 2x4 Lego
  • Two 2x6 Legos
  • Two 1x1 Legos
  • Nine 1x2 Legos
  • Twenty-two 1x4 Legos

Place all Legos, one Lego base, and page one of directions in a gallon size zip lock bag.

Second: After teaching about the construction of the fort and its purposes have the students recreate the fort using only the Legos and the instruction sheet provided.

Third: Pass out the bags and let the students work.

Fourth: Once they have completed their model, have them look up an artist drawing of the fort or you may provide one for them. There are several excellent ones in current or previous text books.

Fifth: Using the rubric document, interview each group and have each member explain at least two parts of their model. Students get one point for each part of the model they describe and explain. The group gets one point for each part correctly modeled. See rubric for guides I use. Create your own to make it fit your own style or grading patterns.

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