Yvonne Andrepont

Student ___________________

   We are studying Louisiana Culture and family traditions.

 I would like for you to interview someone over 50 (the older the better, really).

 In class, we talked about how to conduct an interview.  Don’t forget to get permission to share your work with the class from the interviewee.

 It’s ok to show your person the questions ahead of time, so they have time to think about what they want to say! And…give them time to answer… there’s no rush!

 It’s ok for the person being interviewed to get off the subject a little!

 1. You should begin the interview by introducing your guest.  Hi, I am Johnny Jones and this is my grandmother, Florence Witherspoon.  She was born in 1928.

 2. Grandma, where were you born?

3. Where did you grow up?

4. Where did you go to school?

5. How do you think it is different from school today?

6. Did you have chores or jobs you had to do before or after school?

7. What are some of your family memories of traditions or experiences at holiday times?

8. Do you remember going to any festivals?

9. Did your family celebrate religious traditions differently than we do now?

10. Did your family have certain foods or desserts which may have had Louisiana flair or cultural flair? (Italian or French for example)

11. Was there music in your house growing up? (Radio, stereo, live)

12. Do you have any family traditions you would definitely like to see passed on to the next generation?


Written Release form

 Full name of person being interviewed (print) ________________________________

 Place of interview (include parish) _________________________________________

 Name of interviewer (print) _______________________________________________

 Date of interview _______________________________________________________

 I understand that this interview will become part of a class project presented to the classmates of the interviewer. 

I give permission for the following (Check all that apply):

            ________ may be use for educational purposes in the classroom.

            ________ may include my name

            ________ Parts or whole may be included in a school publication or                                  exhibit



Signature of Interviewee Date ______


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