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"Quilt Activity" used for La Purchase but can be used in any lesson 

Marion Bordelon
F.K. WHITE MIDDLE - Calcasieu Parish

"Here is the quilt activity.  You will need to get your own US continental map.  Kids had a lot of fun with this.  They can get very creative."

This basic construction paper quilt activity is so simple that it can be converted to many different unit. I personally have converted it to be used for the Battle of New Orleans and the War of 1812 and this year will use it  as a hurricane review.

The quilt uses 9 12"x12" squares of multicolored construction paper. The students love to illustrate the assignment and many go "overboard with extra information", even though it is simple enough for special education students to complete just as easy.

Marion send all worksheets and grading rubric.


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