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1 1715 King Louis XIV died
2 1985 Hurricane "Elena" hits Washington Parish, $17 million in damages
2 2 1772 The 'El Principe de Orange' "was struck by a hurricane...and wrecked at the entrance of the Mississippi River, where she quickly went to pieces, only six survivors."
3 1783 Second Treaty of Paris signed ending American Revolution
3 1859 A "mini civil war" takes place between Calcasieu vigilante and others near Rayne in what was known as the Battle of Queue de Toture.
3 1910 Actress Kitty Carlisle, she is best remembered as a regular panelist on the television game show To Tell the Truth.
4 1917 United Oil Refining Company began work on Westlake (LA) plant
4 1766 a huge hurricane struk Galveston and sinking ships as far east as Calcasieu Pass.
5 1814 Pierre 'escapes' from prison in the Cabildo
5 1960 Gov. Earl Kemp Long dies, buried in Winnfield
6 1717 John Law's Company of the West chartered
6 1893 Claire Lee Chennault was born in Commerce, Texas.
7 1892 Jack Dempsey KOed by Gentleman Jim Corbett in N.O.
8 1935 Louisiana Senator Huey P. Long is shot to death in the state capitol in Baton Rouge, by Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, Jr. It is believed that Weiss may have been acting in revenge of Long's public slandering against his father.
8 1954 Ruby Bridges was born in Tylertown, Mississippi before moving with parents to New Orleans at the age of four.
9 1965 Hurricane Betsy hits La. killing 75
10 1935 Gov. Huey P. Long dies after assasination
11 1722 First recorded Hurricane in La. destroyed New Orleans "During a hurricane...a large number of unidentified ships were sunk at and near New Orleans."
11 2005 Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, singer and guitarist who became famous with a 50-year career playing blues, country, jazz and Cajun music, died today in Orange, Texas. More Info
12 2009 McNeese State football teams celebrated the program’s biggest victory in years as the Cowboys stunned second-ranked Appalachian State 40-35.
12 1719 Superior Council set up with 12 members MORE
13 1987 Pope John Paul II begins three day visit to New Orleans
13 1865 A hurricane killed 25 people in Leesburg (later Cameron). Niblett's Bluff was destroyed, Grand Chenier went underwater. Furniture and debris from Cameron was found later as far north as Lake Charles.
13 1969 Tyler Perry, from New Orleans, is best known as a Producer, playwright, filmmaker, director, and actor who was dubbed the highest paid man in entertainment by Forbes magazine in 2011.
14 1874 The White League defeats the New Orleans Metropolitan Police in the Battle of Liberty Place. MORE
14 1839 A storm struck "Charley's Lake", later called Lake Charles, causing minor damage.
15 1699 Bienville bluffs the English and keeps them from exploring the Mississippi River MORE
15 1978 Ali defeats Spinks to regain boxing title MORE
16 1814 US gunboats attack Barataria, destroying all ships and pirate contraband
16 1971 Hurricane Edith causes widespread devastation
17 1967 Saints score on opening kickoff of opening game in NFL MORE
17 1985 Gov. Edwards first racketeering trial begins (by Dec. a mistrial is declared)
17 1712 Antoine Crozat receives royal charter giving exclusive trading rights to Louisiana.
17 1987 Pope John Paul II ends visit to New Orleans.
18 1799 Sebastian Calvo is appointed governor general of Louisiana
19 1890 President Harrison signs bill killing Louisiana State Lottery Co.
20 1717 Gov. LePinay recalled to France after "ruining the colony"
20 1885 Birthday of pianist Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton in New Orleans, Louisiana. MORE
21 1779 Spanish La. Commander Galvez captured New Richmond (Baton Rouge) from the English MORE
21 1779 The Battle of Baton Rouge September 21 ends British hopes of controlling the Mississippi Basin.MORE
21 1812 Nicholas Girod elected first mayor of New Orleans MORE
22 1722 A hurricane hit just west of the Miss. River and swept through central Louisiana with 15 hours of hurricane force winds, eight foot storm surge, and three days of flooding.
22 1972 Nat'l record for most drunken driving arrests, 43 in 8 hours, by New Orleans police
22 1915 Xavier University, first Black Catholic College in US, opened in New Orleans, LA.
22 1968 A series of race riots broke out in Louisiana. MORE
22 2005 A mandatory evacuation of Lower SW Louisiana and SE Texas was order in the face of Cat. 5 Hurricane Rita
23 1810 In the early morning hours of Sept. 23, 75 armed rebels slipped into the Spanish fort at Baton Rouge, and in what was described as a "sharp and bloody firefight," subdued the garrison. They lowered the Spanish flag and raised the Bonnie Blue Flag — a single white star on a blue field — that had been adopted for the new nation they called West Florida.
23 1895 Louisiana Tech University first opened
23 1806 The Lewis and Clark expedition returns to St. Louis MORE
23 1925 Students enroll on the new (present) LSU campus (1,712 students)
24 1987 Smallest winning percentage to elect a gov. in La.- 32.7%, Roemer over Edwards
24 2005 Hurricane Rita devastated SW Louisiana and SE Texas, totally leveled lower Cameron parish towns but only caused two deaths.
25 1912 Grabow Lumber Shootout murder suspect Charles Smith, shot by Calcasieu Parish Deputy
26 1810 American settlers who live in western portion of Spanish West Florida, seize fort at Baton Rouge and declare region between New Orleans and Pearl River to Republic of West Florida and seek annexation to U.S.
27 1902 N.O. streetcar employees strike for 8-hr days and 25 cent per hr. minimum wage
28 1973 Orleans parish DA Jim Garrison acquitted in Pinball Bribery Case
28 1868 The Opelousas Massacre occurred in Louisiana in which an estimated 200 to 300 black Americans were killed
29 1915 Major hurricane hits Louisiana, killing 275
30 1764 D'Abbadie acknowledges receipt of transfer of colony from French to Spanish


1 1800 Treaty of San Ildefonso provides for Spanish cession of Louisiana to France giving Napoleon Louisiana from Spain MORE
1 1893 A hurricane kills over 2,000 people in southern Louisiana and Mississippi.
2 1965 Edwin Edwards wins his run for 7th District Congressman
3 1964 Hurricane "Hilda" hits St. Mary Parish, $100 million in damages
4 1792 Under Gov. Carondelet, the first theatre opened in Louisiana on St. Peter St., N.O.
4 1884 The University of Louisiana becomes The Tulane University of Louisiana
4 1864 The New Orleans Tribune began publication. The Tribune was one of the first daily newspapers produced by blacks
5 1862 Calcasieu planters warned of arrival of Union troops in Lake Charles
6 1860 John Slidell publishes his address to people of LA. "Let every man go to polls...we may soon be called under a common flag against a common enemy"
6 1837 A hurricane struck just east of Cameron and raced towards New Orleans destroying the Bayo St. John Lighthouse, which was the first built outside the original 13 colonies.
7 1829 Gov. Derbigny suffers fatal accident when thrown from carriage
8 1769 O'Reilly restricted N.O. to only twelve taverns.
8 2015 75yr old Chef of Louisiana K-Paul's Kitchen,Paul Prudhomme, died today. He was born in Opelousas in 1940.
9 1940 McNeese Junior College lost its first football game to Southwestern Louisiana Institute 32-0
9 2002 New Orleans Hornets play first preseason game, losing to Indiana 74 - 95
10 1974 Cindy K. Bell became first woman LA. State Trooper
11 1739 Severe hurricane destroys much of Louisiana colony
11 1800 Treadty of San Ildefonso signed
11 1886 A hurricane swept inland at Sabine Pass. Water at Calcasieu Pass was reported at nine feet deep. At Johnson Bayou, the Peveto Hotel was reported to have withstood the storm only due to the combined weight of the cattle that took refuge in the hotel's first floor. Nearly 7,000 cattle drowned.
12 1886 A hurricane stuck Johnson's Bayou in Cameron killing between 50 and 100 people
13 1931 Lt. Gov. Cyr takes oath of office "since Huey Long is now a senator"
14 1813 U.S. dragoons attacked pirate Jean Lafitte in marshes near N.O.
15 1802 Spanish king Charles IV ordered retrocession of Louisiana from Spain to France
16 1874 Judge Henry Pavy born in St. Landry Parish
16 1802 Spanish Officials withdraw U.S. right of deposit
16 1779 18 American settlers along Lake Pontchartrain, in the presence of Capt. William Pickles of the U.S. Navy, signed oaths of allegiance to and declared themselves to be subjects of the “United Independent States of North America.”
17 1861 General Mansfield Lovell arrives in New Orleans
18 1730 Gov. Cadillac dies in France at the age of 74.
19 1803 Louisiana Purchase Treaty ratified by senate by a vote of 24-7
20 2007 Bobby Jindal was elected governor of Louisiana, at age 36, he became the youngest current governor in the United States.
20 1795 Treaty of San Lorenzo gives Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River.
20 1795 Work begins on Cabildo and Presbytere.
20 1795 Étienne de Boré develops a process for making sugar from Louisiana cane.
20 1890 Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe "Jelly Roll Morton" was born in New Orleans. Morton's style embraced a range of influences from ragtime and popular music to blues and spirituals.
21 1880 As of today, a record 800 railroad cars passed thru Lake Charles in just 15 days
21 2002 After 10 years of trials and delays, Former Gov. Edwin Edwards reported to prison in Fort Worth, Texas to begin serving a 10 year sentence
22 1971 'Coozan' Dudley "HADACOL" LeBlanc died in Abbeville
22 1983 Edwin Edwards wins 62% of vote against Gov. Dave Treen and is the first person elected to three terms as governor of Louisiana
23 1930 Wilson "Boozoo" Chavis born in Lake Charles
23 1527 A sudden hurricane hit Spanish explorer Panifo de Narvaez killing and undertermined number of men near the mouth of the Mississippi River.
24 1769 O'Reilly hands down decision concerning rebels - death to 5 leaders
24 1987 Congressman Charles E. "Buddy" Roemer III upsets Edwin W. Edwards in governor's election.
24 1827 Gov. Henry S. Thibodaux died in office from what is believed to be an abscessed liver.
25 1769 Bloody" O'Reilly executes rebels who ousted Ulloa to hang but no hangman, they were shot instead
25 1987 Edwin Edwards conceds governors race to Buddy Roemer
26 1804 Gov. Claiborne's first wife, Elizabeth Lewis of Nashville and his daughter, died today from yellow fever and are buried in St, Louis Cemetery #1.
26 1810 Fulwar Skipwith is elected first (last, and only) governor of the State of West Florida
26 2009 Lake Charles was pounded by record rainfall, hitting 5.31 inches in a 24 hour period.
26 1988 S. B. Fuller, founder and president of Fuller Products Company and a "dean of black entrepreneurs," died MORE
26 1911 Mahalia Jackson, the "Queen of Gospel Song," was born in New Orleans.
27 1768 Rebeliion against Ulloa began with spiking of protective New Orleans cannons
27 1933 Birthday of great pianist Floyd Cramer who was a pioneering pianist who contributed to the creation of the Nashville sound. He was known for his slip-note technique.
28 1768 Joseph Villere led a band of frenchmen to overthrow Spanish Gov. Ulloa
29 2009 Former Governor David Treen, died today at the age of 81.
29 1768 Ulloa was order out of the Louisiana Colony by the Superior Council
29 1948 Birthday of journalist Bryant Gumbel, formerly of the Today show on NBC
30 1938 Lake Charles police receive scores of phone calls following Orson Wells radio broadcast of War of the Worlds
30 New Orleans Hornets win their very first NBA game beating Utah 100-75
31 1985 Hurricane "Juan" makes three landfalls in Louisiana

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