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1 1896 First rural mail delivery in Louisiana

1 1958 Stategic Air base in Lake Charles renamed for Lt. Gen Claire Lee Chennault.
1 1966 New Orleans Saints become 16th NFL football team
2 1762 Treaty of Fontainbleau signed, Louisiane ceded to Spain from France
2 1896 Cornerstone of Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd was laid in Lake Charles.
2 1914 Today is New Orleans native Ray Walston's birthday and he is most prominently known for his role of the mysterious Uncle Martin on My Favorite Martian.
3 1900 The Lake Charles Weekly newspaper took over the Lake Charles Commercial
4 1967 John McKeithen re-elected to his second consecutive term
4 2008 Barack Obama becomes the first African American President of the United States.
4 1811 The Territory of Orleans met for the Constitution Convention preceeding statehood.
5 1996 Mary Landrieu, first Louisiana woman to be elected to US Senate
5 2000 Gov. Jimmie Davis dies at the age of reported age of 101
5 1992 Odell Beckham Jr. is an All-SEC selection with the LSU Tigers and also received the 2013 Paul Hornung Award, presented to the most versatile player in the nation.
6 1965 Victor Schiro re-elected mayor of New Orleans
6 2014 Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy defeated Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu denying her a fourth term as US Senator.
7 1848 Louisianian Gen Zachary Taylor elected as President of the United States
8 1893 First LSU v. Tulane football game (held in N.O.)
8 1861 Confederate Commissioners James Mason & John Slidell are seized by union navy ship USS San Jacinto off the British ship "Trent" on high seas in violation of international law
9 1862 Gen. Butler declares all property of disloyal citizens of Lafourche Parisn to be confiscated
10 1953 Les Miles, LSU coach, was born in Ohio
10 1845 John Slidell of New Orleans appointed Minister to Mexico
11 1821 Louisiana Gazette newspaper reports booming economy in La.
11 1984 Louisiana World Exposition closes with financial loss.
12 1969 N.O. longshoremen refuse to unload highly automated ships
12 1977 Ernest Nathan Morial was elected the first black mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana. MORE
13 1911 The Lake Charles Humane Society was organized
14 1947 First Gulf of Mexico oil well gusher
14 1960 New Orleans schools desegregated MORE
15 1730 Gov. Perier and French defeated the Natchez Indians
16 1768 Antoinio de Ulloa leaves Louisiana by force on a French ship from Balize to Havana
16 1972 Southern University students killed by police MORE
17 1906 First Louisiana State Fair held in Shreveport
17, 1945 Birthday of great Rayville basketball player Elvin Hayes the Hall of Fame NBA center who was a 12-time NBA All-Star and the 1969 NBA scoring champion
18 1719 The ship Les Deux Freres brings first mass-arrival of Germans to Louisiana
18, 1811 Five men were selected to draft a new La. Constitution - they were Magruder, Johnson, Bry, Blanque and Cantrelle.
19 1920 First time term "Green Wave" used to describe Tulane University
20 1829 U.S. Army established western boundary defense post on Lake Charles
20 1922 Louisiana governor conferred with president on KKK violence in his state.
21 1648 Rene Robert Cavelier LaSalle born in Rouen France
22 1886 30 Negros killed/100 wounded by vigilanties to stop canefield strike in Thibodeaux
23 1817 William Charles Cole Claiborne, the first Governor of Louisiana, died. He was not a native (bn in VA.), did not speak French and was not Catholic.
23 1812 Alan Magruder and Jean Destrehan elected La.'s first U.S. senators
24 1721 First census of New Orleans taken
24 2005 Tropical Storm Delta forms in Atlantic setting a new record for names storms, 23 Roman names, 4 Greek names
24 1813 W.C.C. Claiborne offers $500 reward for Jean Lafitte's capture
25 1684 LaSalle sails from Santo Domingo onward towards Louisiana Gulf Coast
26 1729 Natchez indians killed 300 Frenchmen at Ft. Rosalie
27 1813 Jean Lafitte offers $1,500 reward for the capture of Gov. W.C.C. Clairborne
27 1982 Tulane defeated LSU, first Baton Rouge victory in 34 years
28 1942 Toni Jo Henry first women put to death in electric chair in La. (Lake Charles)MORE and MORE
28 1929 Natchez tribesmen in the Louisiana colony attack settlers and soldiers MORE
29 1972 N.O. shocked by Rault Center fire
29 2005 Tropical Storm Epsilon becoming the 26th named storm of the busiest hurricane season on record.
30 1803 As Colonial Prefect - Pierre Laussat formally receives possession of Louisiana for France.


1 1769 The first meeting of the Cabildo was held
2 1729 N.O. first learns of massacre of 300 Frenchmen at Ft. Rosalie
2 1981 Britney Spears born in Kentwood, Louisiana
3 1861 Union troops land on Ship Island in an early attack on Confederate Louisiana
4 1919 The famous French Opera House of New Orleans burns down
5 1960 The Federal Court stops attempt by State Legislature to replace the New Orleans School Board during the desegregation crisis
6 1889 Confederate President Jefferson Davis died in New Orleans
7 1851 Archbishop Blanc blesses new (current) St. Louis Cathedral
8 1794 Second major fire in New Orleans, 200 buildings burned
8 1872 Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback, 24th Governor of Louisiana
8 1879 Citizens of Louisiana ratified a new state constitution. Simultaneously, the state capital was moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge.
9 1872 PBS Pinchback became first (& only) black governor of Louisiana
9 1910 Edward Douglass White appointed Chief Justice of the United States.
10 1810 The area of West Florida (Florida Parishes) was annexed by the United States and Louisiana
10 1860 Gov. Moore called special session for La. to secede from the Union
11 1901 Rice Association of America organized in Crowley
11 2008 The earliest reported snowfall for Southwest Louisiana since the weather service began keeping records.
12 1818 Paul Hebert (State Engineer, Army officer, Governor: 1853-56, and Confederate General) born in Iberville Parish
13 1950 Ronald Abernathy born, was Asst. Basketball coach at LSU
13 1935 The Bonnet Carre' Spillway is dedicated
13 2009 New Orleans Saints set a team record for number of wins in on season as the are now 13-0 for the year.
14 1814 First clash with British in War of 1812 on Lake Borgne
15 1802 Pres. Jefferson, worried of French takeover of La., seeks to purchase Isle of Orleans
15 1940 Francis Bulber directs the first performance of Handel's Messiah in McNeese College Auditorium in L.C.
16 1930 Construction begins on Huey Long's "new" state capitol
16 1935 Huey P. Long Bridge at New Orleans dedicated
17 1803 American troops first arrive in New Orleans to accept Louisiana
17 1816 William Charles Cole Claiborne completes his first and only term as governor of Louisiana.
17 1816 Jacques Phillippe Villere´ becomes the second Governor of Louisiana
18 1948 WDSU become first television station in Louisiana
19 1836 N.O. city council proibited masked balls and parades
19 2009 N. 0. Saints perfect season came to an end with a lost to the Dallas Cowboys, they are now 13-1
20 1941 The Flying Tigers had their first combat baptism when the Americans shot down three of four unescorted Japanese bombers.
20 1803 United States Commissioners W.C.C. Claiborne and James Wilkinson formally receive possession of Louisiana for the United States for $15,000,000
21 1921 Gov. P.B.S. Pinchback dies in Washington DC. Was La.'s only black governor, 84
22 1814 British began moving to attack New Orleans
23 1813 Legislative Act #5 provides for offical state seal
23 1794 St. Louis Cathedral dedicated.
24 1814 Treaty of Ghent signed ending War of 1812
24 1989 Ernest "Dutch" Morial, the first black mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana, died MORE
25 1896 Times Democrat held first distribution of "Dolls for the Poor"
25 1861 Trent affair ends with release of Commissioners Mason & Slidell to the British (see Nov. 8th)
25 1913 "Candy" Candido was born today in New Orleans. You can hear his voice in Disney's "Peter Pan," "Robin Hood," and the Haunted Mansion attraction, among other Disney productions!
26 1872 Gov. Pinchback signs bill to prevent "excesses and corruption in public offices"
26 1971 Jared Leto from Bossier City is an actor and singer-songwriter for the band Thirty Seconds to Mars who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.
27 1879 Birthday of who was considered the best trumpet player in the early 1900s, Burk Johnson of New Orleans
27 1814 Jackson's men repell a British reconnaissance force near Rodriguez Canal
28 1862 (Old) State Capitol burned by Union Soldiers
28 1900 Birthday of famous Vinton Baseball player Ted Lyons who was a Right-handed pitcher who played twenty-one seasons for the Chicago White Sox and later managed the team for three seasons.
28 1985 Birthday of famous wrestler Taryn Terrell who was best known for her performances in the WWE under the name Tiffany, she has also been a wrestling referee and general manager.
29 1898 Monument to Public School benefactor John McDonogh dedicated in New Orleans
30 1791 Gov. Carondelet takes control of Louisiana
30 2005 Tropical Storm Zeta ties a record for the latest developing named storm when it formed today in the open Atlantic Ocean. The six-month season featured a record 14 hurricanes.
30 2005 LSU defeats Miami Hurricanes in Peach Bowl (LSU began season with a real hurricane named Katrina and ended it with a football hurricane)
31 1987 LSU beats South Carolina in Gator Bowl, 30-13

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