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1 1699 Ft. Maurepas was completed
1 1862 David Farragut formally captured New Orleans during the Civil War.
1 1967 Tim McGraw of Delhi is a Multi-platinum country singer, actor, and songwriter who had eleven albums reach #1 on the Country Billboard, including Not a Moment Too Soon.
2 1862 Gen Benjamin Butler's Order #28 is issued
3 1699 After exploring Miss. River, Iberville returns to France
4 1970 T.H. Williams wins Pulitzer Prize for his biography, Huey Long
5 1713 Antoine Cadillac was appointed Spanish Gov. of Louisiana
5 1854 Jean Lafitte passes away in Alton, Illinois (according to one account)
5 2001 Wilson "Boozoo" Chavis, of Zydeco fame, passes away following a show in Austin, Texas
6 1864 The Civil War Battle of Calcasieu Pass is won by the Confederates
7 1862 The Union Army captures Baton Rouge during the Civil War
7 1863 Alexandria captured by Union troops during the Civil War
8 1541 Spanish explorer DeSoto discovered the Mississippi River
8 1823 First gas lighting used in the American Theater of New Orleans
8 1865 Gen Dick Taylor surrendered the Louisiana Confederate troops in Louisiana
9 1842 Gov. Henry Clay Warmoth was born in Illinois
10 1837 Gov. Pinckney Benton Stewart (P.B.S.) Pinchback born in Macon, Georgia
10 1781 Formal surrender of Pensacola to Galvez
11 1988 Fire destroyed top floor and roof of the Cabildo in New Orleans
11 1885 Birthday of famous trumpet player Joe King Oliver, Known for his use of mutes in jazz, as well as for his compositions, like "Doctor Jazz."
12 1678 LaSalle given permission to explore "Louisiana" by King Louis XIV
12 1902 State Board of Education created
12 1984 World's Exposition in New Orleans opens
12 1898 New constitution includes the "Grandfather Clause" to permit illiterate whites to vote; a poll tax and literacy test included to disqualify black voters.
13 1864 Alexandia burned to the ground by Union troops
14 1804 The Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase territory begins its ascent of the Missouri River. [more info] Lewis and Clark leave from Wood River, Illinois, entering the newly acquired Louisiana Territory.
14 1845 First free public school opened in LA.
14, 1982 Birthday of great Shreveport basket player Alana Beard of WNBA guard/forward selected 2nd overall by the Washington Mystics
15 1915 Huey Long admitted to the Louisiana Bar as "a full fledged lawyer"
16 1929 15 senators signed a pledge to block the attempt to impeach Gov. Huey Long
16 1932 In just 17 months, H. Long's new state capitol was completed, dedicated, and opened during the inauguration of Gov. O.K. Allen
16 1804 Napolean Bonaparte crowns himself emperor
17 1954 'Black Monday' Supreme Court decision forcing La. to desegregate schools
17 1954 School desegregation law, Brown v Board of education.
18 1896 LA. case of Plessy v. Ferguson, "seperate but equal" [more info]
19 1862 Union Gen. Benjamin "Beast" Butler Order no. 28 published
20 1835 The Planters Hotel in New Orleans collapsed killing 25
21 1542 DeSoto dies and is buried in the Mississippi River
21 1958 Segregation of New Orleans Street Cars ended
22 1873 U.S. President finally offically recognizes Gov. Wm. Kellogg's administration
23 1863 Gen. Banks begins siege on Port Hudson
23 1934 Law enforcement officers and posse members gun down outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow beside the Jamestown-Sailes Highway - about eight miles from Gibsland.
24 1977 Compulsory liability insurance bill passed by legislature
24, 1963 Birthday of great Shreveport basket player Joe Dumars the Former NBA guard and 6-time All-Star who helped the Detroit Pistons win back-to-back NBA Championships in 1989 and 1990.
25 1952 Dr. Carter Day in Cameron Parish, in honor of Dr. Stephen O. Carter
26 1861 Civil War comes to La. as U.S. Navy begins Miss. River blockade
26 1865 Civil War finally ends in La. as Army of Trans-Miss. surrenders in New Orleans
26 1805 Lewis and Clark see the Rockey Mountains for the first time.
26 1994 Former Governor Edwin Edwards marries his 29 year old girl friend Candy Picou (had divorced Elaine, his wife of 40 yrs, back in 1989)
27 1836 Henry Shreve and seven others begin creation of Shreveport
27 1863 In ill-conceived assault on Port Hudson, La., two Louisiana regiments (First and Third Native Guards) made six gallant but unsuccessful charges on rebel fortification. A Black captain, Andre Cailloux, was hero of the day. [more info]
28 1818 P.G.T. Beauregard born in St. Bernard Parish
29 1941 First graduating class of McNeese Junior College
29 1948 The Desire streetcars stopped running
30 1862 Union Admiral David Farragut captures Baton Rouge
31 1964 Last run of Canal Street Streetcar


1 1862 Gen. Benjamin Butler declares the port of New Orleans reopened for commerce to all friendly nations
2 1865 Gov. Henry W. Allen delivers his farewell adress at end of Civil War
2 1865 Edmund Kirby-Smith signs a surrender to Federal forces.
3 1902 Legislature makes June 3, Confederate Day, a legal holiday
4 1917 F.K. White elected Superintendent of Lake Charles schools
5 1713 Gov. Antoine Cadillac arrives in Louisiana
6 1814 Piere Lafitte arrested and accuse of piracy by order of WCC Clairborn
6 1869 Dillard University chartered in New Orleans, La.
6, 1907 Birthday of famous Bill Dickey an American professional baseball catcher and manager. He played in Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees for 19 seasons.
7 1862 William B. Mumford is hanged by order of General Benjamin "Beast" Butler for tearing down a Union flag over the New Orleans Mint.
7 1892 Homer Plessy is arrested for taking a seat on a train that was marked "Whites Only"
7 1868 Marie Laveau, the "Queen of the Voodoos," was forced to give up her throne because of old age. [more info]
8 1807 Gov. Claiborne fought a duel with Daniel Clark. "At first fire the Governor received Mr. Clark's ball through his right thigh".
8 1964 First black student admitted to LSU in Baton Rouge
8 1892 Homer A Plessy refused to move to segregated railroad coach in New Orleans, initiating Plessy v Ferguson
9 1867 Benjamin F. Flanders appointed Military Governor of La. by Gen. Sheridan
10 1911 After a year's work, stenographers completed restoring records lost in the Great 1910 Lake Charles Fire
11 1744 Louis J. de St. Denis dies in Natchitoches
11 1844 A storm hit "Charley's Lake" washing out a bridge and destroying crops.
12 1912 Allen Parish formed from part of old Calcasieu
13 1913 DeQuincy was incorporated as a village
13 1868 Oscar J. Dunn, a freedman, became lieutenant governor of Louisiana. At that time, it was the highest elective office ever held by a black American. [more info]
13 1886 A tropical storm went inland at Calcasieu Pass pushing boats onshore, destroying buildings, and drowning cattle.
14 1948 Life Magazine's account of the Lake Charles Little Theatre play 'The Great Doorstep' appeared
15 2015 Blaze Starr, dancer linked to Earl K. Long, dead at 83 [more info]
15 1910 Evangeline Parish created
15 1921 Louisiana adopts a new constitution.
15, 1972 Birthday of famous Andy Pettitte the Legendary MLB pitcher and 5-time World Series champion who was named MVP of the 2001 ALCS with the New York Yankees.
16 1964 Two barges ram Lake Ponchartrain Causeway tearing the structure and killing six
17 1868 The first town election was held in Lake Charles
18 1909 E. B. Lane of Lake Charles elected to a Commissioner on the New Orleans Board of Trade
19 1865 Juntheeth, freedom day in Texas and Louisiana
19 1840 A tropical storm hits "Charley's Lake, and stalled for several days spawning a cyclone west of the lake.
19 1953 Blacks protesting discriminatory treatment began a bus boycott in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. [more info]
20 1968 Presidential candidate George Wallace speaks in Baton Rouge raising $60,000
21 1863 The Civil War Battle of Lafourche Railroad Crossing south of Thibodaux
21 1974 Government accepts outhern universities' desegregation plans. [more info]
22 1947 Peter "Pistol Pete" Maravich born
22 1983 Louisiana repeals last racial classification laws. [more info]
23 1813 Records show W.C.C. Claiborne used pelican and motto as state seal for first time
24 2015 Gov. Bobby Jindal announces that he is formerly running for President of the United States.
24 1968 Gov. John McKeithen announces that he has had four death threats on his life
25 1868 FL, AL, LA, GA, NC & SC readmitted to US following the Civil War
25 1978 Abraham Lincoln Davis, a founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the first black city councilman in New Orleans, Louisiana, died there at the age of sixty-three. [more info]
26 1805 Former V.P. Aaron Burr arrives in New Orleans
26, 1915 Birthday of Willard Brown an African American baseball player who was nicknamed "Home Run" Brown, was an American baseball player who played outfielder in the Negro leagues and in Major League Baseball (MLB).
27 1833 Capt. Henry Shreve cleared the Red River
27 1957 Hurricane Audrey hit the Cameron coast MORE and MORE
28 1861 First Civil War battle engagement for Louisiana Tigers, at Seneca Dam on Potomac River
29 1763 D'Abbadie becomes governor following Kerlerec
29 1956 LSU mascot Mike I dies. Mike II ascends to the throne after February birth in New Orleans Zoo.
30 1870 Robert E. Lee and the Natchez began their famous riverboat race

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