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1 1932 La. State Capitol Building completed (in just 14 months)
2 1805 Louisiana becomes "organized" territory, upper part becomes District of Louisiana with capital at St. Louis by act of Congress
2 1909 Birthday of famous Baseball player Mel Ott who was a 12-time All-Star who hit 511 home runs and batted .304 for the New York Giants from 1926 to 1947.
3 1699 Iberville and Bienville landed in Louisiana, celebrate the first La. Mardi Gras
3 1964 John McKeithen elected as Governor
3 1995 LSU mascot Mike IV is put to eternal rest after 20 years and 9 months, of which he reigned as LSU mascot for 14 years
3 1820 Slavery outlawed within the Louisiana Purchase territory north of 36°30' latitude. [more info]
4 1700 Henri de Tonty first records the name "Detoura l'Anglais"
4 1864 Michael Hahn becomes Federal governor of Louisiana.
5 1766 Antonio de Ulloa becomes the first Spanish governor of Louisiana; arrives in New Orleans but does not take possession.
6 1867 General Philip Sheridan arrives in New Orleans to command the Fifth Military District (Louisiana and Texas) during Reconstruction.
7 1830 Gov. Jacques Villere died on his plantation south of N.O.
8 1836 N.O. is divided into three independent "cities": French Vieux Carre and two American areas
8 1876 After three years of debate and controversy, members of the U.S. Senate refused to allow P. B. S. Pinchback of Louisiana to take his seat. [more info]
9 1717 Jean Michiele Seigneur deLepinay becomes Gov. of Louisiana Colony
9 1844 Pierre Lafitte dies near town of Creve Coeur, Missouri (according to one account)
9 1804 Three Flags Ceremony in St. Louis - Spain transfers Upper Louisiana to France, France then transfers it to the United States (March 9-10)
10 1864 Union Gen. Nathaniel Banks begins in Red River Campaign
11 1803 Pierre C. Lassat arrives at mouth of Miss. R. about the time Napolean changes mind, sells La.
11 1861 In Montgomery, Alabama, delegates from S.C., MS., FL., AL, GA, LA, and TX adopt the consititution of the Confederacy creating a separate nation with its own federal government and president, which guaranteed slavery.
12 1817 Miss. Steamboat Navigation Co. seized Capt. H. Shreve's boat, the Washington
12 1894 Edward Douglass White appointed to the United States Supreme Court.
12 1997 Edwin Edwards receives $400,000 in cash in a briefcase from San Franciso 49ers owner Eddie Debartolo Jr., who calls it an extortion payoff
12 1812 President James Madison transmitted to the Senate the proceedings of the La. Constitution of 1812.
13 1815 Gen. Andrew Jackson declares the end of martial law in New Orleans at the end of War of 1812
13, 1964 Birthday of famous Will Clark of MLB first baseman for 15 seasons, known as "Will the Thrill." He was selected to six All-Star teams and was named 1989 NLCS MVP after helping the San Francisco Giants capture the NL Pennant.
14 1780 Galvez captures Ft. Charlotte at Mobile
14 1891 A New Orleans mob lynches 11 of 19 Italians charged in the murder of Police Chief David C. Hennessy.
14 1812 The U.S. Congress approves issue of America's first War Bond, worth some $11 million, to help finance War of 1812 against Great Britain
15 1767 Andrew Jackson's Birthday
15 1813 Gov. Claiborne demanded pirates of Barataria to disband
15 1870 Cameron Parish created from Calcasieu Parish
16 1862 New Orleans put under martial law by Gen. Lovell
16 1806 Norbert Rillieux, inventor of sugar refining, born 1806-1894
17 1791 Baron de Carondelet de Noyelles is appointed gov.-general of Louisiana
17 1862 Louisiana's Judah P. Benjamin becomes Confederate Secretary of State.
18 1687 French explorer LaSalle was assassinated by his own men (according to one account)
19 1913 John and Mary Stockwell married, later help establish first Methodist Church in Belgian Congo
19 1687 French explorer Rene'-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle who claimed the entire Mississippi river drainage for France, is murdered by his own men. (most creditable account)
20 2017 McNeese basketball legend David Lawrence dies at 58
20 1687 Murder of LaSalle somewhere in southeastern Texas (according to one account)
20 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe publishes Uncle Tom's Cabin
20 1839 Shreveport become a "city" on the northern end of the Red River
21 1788 New Orleans fire this Good Friday caused 2.6 million dollars damage
21 1804 French Emperor Napolean Bonaparte enacts a new legal framework, the "Napoleonic Code", which gives France its first coherent set of civil and creminal laws. It will later become the basis of Louisiana Law.
21 1861 Louisiana joins the Confederate States of America
22 1967 Businessman Clay Shaw of N.O. indicted for conspiracy in the attempted assassination of JFK
22, 1976 Reese Witherspoon is from New Orleans and is best known for her role in Legally Blonde star who won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA, and a Screen Actors Guild Award
23 1808 Catahoula Parish formed, derived name from Tensas language
23 1805 The Corps of Discovery left Fort Clatsop and began their return journey.
24 1840 Calcasieu Parish created as largest in the state at the time, also had smallest population at time
24, 1976 Peyton Manning. Son of Archie Manning, Super Bowl XLI MVP with the Indianapolis Colts who set the all-time NFL records for most career passing yards and most career passing touchdowns.
25 1793 Pope Pius VI established the Diocese of Louisiana
26 1803 Laussat arrives in Louisiana to take control of colony for Napoleon
26 1804 The Louisiana Purchase was divided at the 33rd parallel into two parts, the District of Louisiana and the Territory of Orleans
27 1934 Rev. Gerald Smith addressed citizens in Sulphur's "Share Our Wealth Club"
28 1973 Lindy Boggs becomes first LA. women elected to US House of Representative
28 1980 Calcasieu Parish Sheriff, Henry A. “Ham” Reid Jr. — died in office, at age 61
29 1962 N.O. Parochial schools ordered to desegregate by Archbishop
30 1871 Vernon Parish created, named after Geo. Washington's Mount Vernon home
30 1870 15th amendment gave Blacks the right to vote.
31 1807 St. John the Baptist Parish created (one of original parishes)


1 1718 Approx. date land began being cleared for city of New Orleans
1 1944 Birthday of famous New Orleans Baseball player Rusty Staub and was an 6-time All-Star who played outfield, first base and designated hitter.
2 1880 La. Western R/R brought to Lake Charles from Lacassine the first country produce ever delivered by rail
3 1910 Residents of Lockport celebrate Faternal Day by posing for an early 360 degree panorama photograph
3 1949 Edwin Edwards marries Elaine Schwartzenburg after rejoining the Catholic Church
3 1793 Pope Pius VI establishes the first Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas.
3 1955 Elvis A. Presley spent time in the Caddo Parish Jail following a traffic stop. The King was 20 years old when he was pulled over for speeding.
4 1764 First official announcement in d'Abadie's journal of Acadians arrival in Louisiana (20 families from New York)
5 1893 First electric railway car runs in Baton Rouge
6 1764 First Acadians actually arrived in Louisiana
6 1929 Impeachment trial of Huey Long held
6 1814 Napoleon forced to retreat across France to Paris, abdicates and agrees to go into exile on island of Elba.
7 1682 LaSalle and Tonti reached mouth of Miss. River
7 1805 The Lewis and Clark expedition departs winter camp in N.D. and steps foot "on land that cicilized man had never trodden".
8 1812 West Florida made part of Louisiana
8 1864 The Battle of Mansfield fought
8 1993 The New Orleans Zephyrs debut at Indianapolis, but the game is halted by rain.
9 1864 The Battle of Pleasant Hill fought
9 1938 Rockin' Sidney (Sidney Simien) born in Lebeau, La.
9 1682 Louisiana Territory is so named by the Sieur de La Salle who reaches the mouth of the Mississippi April 9 with a party of 50 men after descending from the Illinois River [more info]
10 1824 French Marquis de Lafayette arrived in New Orleans
10 1806 General Leonidas Polk’s birthday
11 1833 Capt. Shreve begins cleaning the Great Raft on the Red River
12 1861 Louisiana Gen. PGT Beauregard ordered first shots on Ft. Sumter to begin Civil War
12 1818 A new American flag with 13 stripes and 20 stars (the current number of states) flies over the U.S. Capitol for the first time.
13 1803 Barbe'-Marbois meets with Livingston to offer La. for 100 Million francs
14 1865 President Lincoln assassinated
15 1795 The Pointee Coupee Slave Rebellion
15 1981 Birthday of New Orleans native "Big Easy" Nathaniel Lofton, most famous for being a member of the Harlem Globetrotters.
16 1718 Official date of founding of New Orleans
16 1769 O'Reilly is appointed to establish Spanish law in Louisiana
16 1993 The Zephyrs play their first game in New Orleans, losing 8-7 to Buffalo in 10 innings at Privateer Park.
17 1811 Attakapas Parish abolished, became St. Martin & St. Mary
18 1862 Union fleet begins barrage of Forts Jackson and St. Phillip
18 1864 Battle of Sabine Pass takes place in Cameron Parish.
19 1960 Gov. Jimmie Davis elected
19 1682 La Salle took formal possession of the Louisiana Territory for France
19 1803 Spain restores American traders right of deposit at port of New Orleans
19 1918 Reginald Ball Sr. was born, owner and operator of Ball's Fried Chicken in Lake Charles.
20 1877 President Rutherford B. Hayes withdraws Federal troops from Louisiana - thus ending Reconstruction of the state.
21 1804 Gov. Laussat, last French Gov., leaves Louisiana
21 1836 Mexican Gen. Santa Anna was held overnight in Lake Charles after his capture following the Battle of San Jacinto. He was being taken to Washington DC.
22 1782 Jean Lafitte is born in Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
22 1972 Willie Robertson of Bernice rose to fame on A&E's Duck Dynasty as the CEO of Duck Commander, his father's multi-million dollar company.
23 1831 Ponchartrain Railroad opened, first west of Alleghenies
23 1910 Fire sweeps through downtown Lake Charles burning 109 buildings
23 1863 Seminary (LSU) closes after invasion of Red River Valley by federal forces under Gen. Banks. Military equipment donated to the Confederate Army, but library and other items destroyed by order of Gen. T. Kilby Smith of the U.S. Army. Structure saved thanks to Gen. W.T. Sherman.
24 1862 David Farragut's Union ships slip past Forts St. Phillip and Jackson
24 1862 Confederate gun boats battle Union fleet below New Orleans, LA
24 1877 Reconstruction ended in Louisiana
24 1946 Phil Robertson of Vivian of Duck Dynasty star who founded the enormously successful duck-call business Duck Commander.
25 1862 New Orleans falls to Admiral Farragut's US Fleet
25 1870 The Cincinnati Red Stockings play five games in New Orleans (April 25-30), continuing their undefeated streak before losing to the Brooklyn Athletics, 8-7, on June 14, 1870.
26 1777 Galvez siezes 11 richly laden English ships on the Mississippi River
26 ---- Confederate Memorial Day (most Southern states observed)
27 1742 Marquis de Vaudreuil appointed French Gov. of Louisiana
27 1948 Si Robertson of Vivian is the reality star and preacher who became known to audiences as Uncle Si, Phil Alexander Robertson's youngest brother, on Duck Dynasty.
27 1806 Ville de Donaldson (Donaldsonville) formerly dedicated
27 1874 The White League (a paramilitary organization; its members wore no masks) organized to combat the Kellogg racial policies.
28 1761 Gov. Jacques Pilippe, born in Jefferson Parish
28,1997 Edwin Edwards' home and office raided by FBI officials
28 1862 Forts Jackson and St. Phillip on the Mississippi river are surrendered to Union troops
29 1862 Admiral D. Farragut hauls down Confederate flag over New Orleans & takes command
29 1820 Gov. Henry Watkins Allen was born in Prince Edward County, Va. The parish "Allen" will later be named for him. He fought in several Civil War battleas and served as Gov in 1864
30 1803 Louisiana Treaty Purchase Treaty signed .
30 1812 Louisiana becomes the 18th state of the Union
30 1926 Formal dedication of the present LSU campus took place after being mover from the Pentagon Barracks Campus

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