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1 1731 The Company of the Indies gave up its charter of Louisiana Colony
1 1912 Louisiana State Flag adopted
1 1935 Birthday of great Breaux Bridge model who won Miss USA in 1996 and appeared on several television programs, including Baywatch and Beverly Hills, 90210, Ali Landry, better known as the "Doritos" girl.
2 1952 Construction begins on Ochsner Medical Foundation Hospital in Jefferson Parish
3 1870 The riverboat Robert E. Lee defeated the Natchez in a race on the Mississippi
4 1843 John McNeese (McNeese State University) born in New York City
4 1863 Vicksburg falls during the Civil War
4 1900 Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, trumpet king, born
5 1910 Gov. Sanders appointed to fill senate seat after Sen. McEnery dies, he choses to remain govenor.
6 1971 Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong died
6 1918 Hurricane hits southwest Louisiana killing 34
7 1912 Grabow 'Lumber War' shootout takes place near DeRidder, 3 killed, 37 wounded
8 1994 First La. Astronaut, Jim Halsell, Jr, launched aboard Columbia STS-65
9 1706 Iberville died of Yellow Fever
9 2015 Kenny Stabler died today at the age of 69, where he played finishing his NFL career for three seasons with the New Orleans Saints from 1982-84.
9 1863 Port Hudson surrendered during Civil War MORE
10 1974 Grambling College becomes Gambling State Univ. with bill signed by Gov. Edwin Edwards
10 1941 Legendary jazz pianist and composer Jelly Roll Morton (born in New Orleans) died in Los Angeles. His musical innovations accelerated the development of jazz.
11 1804 Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton is mortally wounded. [more info]
11 1906 Gov. Blanchard appoints commission to help celebrate 300th anniversary of Jamestown
12 1941 Gov. Sam Jones helps open new direct, deep water channel from Lake Charles to Gulf of Mexico
12 1934 Birthday of famous pianist Van Cliburn who was a Musical prodigy who won the first quadrennial Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in 1958 when he was only 23.
12 1927 Birthday of owner, Tom Benson, Billionaire owner of both the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans.
13 1868 Gov. H. Warmoth's inaugration
14 1937 First piling driven for N.O. Charity Hospital
15 1897 Gov. Sam Houston Jones born in Merryville, LA.
16 1928 Gov. David Treen born in Baton Rouge
17 1795 First bishop of New Orleans, Don Luis Cardenas, arrives in Louisiana
18 1714 St. Denis arrives at San Jaun Bautista on the Rio Grande
18 1779 All but one of a fleet of Spanish warships sunk by a hurricane.
18 1543 De Soto expedition survivors - under the command of Luis de Moscoso - become the first group of white men to travel down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.
19 1799 Interim governor Nicholas Vidal takes command of Louisiana
19 1812 Hurricane hits New Orleans area killing 45
20 1661 Piere LeMoyne Iberville born
21 The Most Reverend Bishop, first bishop of Lake Charles, Jude Speyrer, 84, died on Sunday,in Opelousas.MORE INFO
21 1861 William T Sherman (former head of LSU) was the Union General to lead forces at the battle of Manassas, Va.
21 1920 First Airmail delivery in South, Shreveport to Homer
22 1923 Ted Lyons (Vinton) pitched his first major league baseball game
23 1879 New Constitution adopted, capitol moved - New Orleans to Baton Rouge plus (Reunion) constitution abolishes slavery.
24 1704 The Pelican arrived bringing 23 girls to the Louisiana Colony
24 1769 Alejandro "Bloody" O'Reilly reclaimed New Orleans for Spain
24 1701 Detroit has its origin in the French settlement Fort Pontchartrain established July 24 on the strait between Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair by Antoine de la Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac. [more info]
24 1900 Second race riot in New Orleans, Louisiana. [more info]
25 1769 Aubry calls meeting in Place d'Armes & officially announces O'Reilly's arrival
26 1810 Rebellion of West Florida Parishes
27 Former Rep. Lindy Boggs, a plantation-born Louisianian after succeeding her late husband in the House, died, she was 97.[more info]
30 1812 William Charles Cole Claiborne becomes the 1st Governor of Louisiana
31 1976 U.S. Rep. F.E. Hebert of N.O. completes longest term in office, 35 yrs, 6 m, and 28 days



1 1684 LaSalle finally sets sail for Louisiana Gulf Coast to est. a colony
1 1935 Rapper Lil Wayne joined the group Hot Boys in 1997, and released the hit song "Lollipop."
2 1899 Fire sweeps through part of Lake Charles causing over $50,000 damage
3 1918 Louisiana ratifies 18th Amendment to US Constitution (Prohibition)
3 1939 Charles Honore, deputy supt of schools, Calcasieu parish, was born
4 1901 Allen Greene school opens in town of Grambling, will later become Grambling State Univ.
4 1900 Louis Armstrong, trumpet player from New Orleans is known as the Father of Jazz who replaced The Beatles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with "Hello, Dolly!" when he was 63 years old, the oldest person at that time to hit the #1 ranking.
5 1862 CSA Gen. John Breckinridge attempts to retake Baton Rouge but fails
6 2016 Famous New Orleans jazz clarinetist Pete Fountain died today.
6 1727 Ursuline nuns arrive in New Orleans and begin a school for girls.
6 1971 NCCF members acquitted of attempted murder in New Orleans MORE
6 1918 A major hurricane swept ashore in Cameron sending three feet of water all the way to the northern areas of the parish. Lake Charles had 100 mph winds and 96 planes at Gersner Field were destroyed.
7 1927 Gov. Edwin Edwards born in Marksville, La., son of a sharecropper and a local midwife, a Cajun, christian a Catholic
8 1949 Edward McIlhenny (Tabasco) died on Avery Island
9 1974 in accordance with his statement of resignation the previous evening, Richard M. Nixon officially ends his term as the 37th president of the United States at noon.
9 1975 - New Orleans, Louisiana was full of celebration -- and it wasn’t even Mardi Gras time. The Superdome was opened as the hometown Saints met the Houston Oilers in an exhibition football game. The Oilers won handily, 31-7, in what was described as “a very lackluster” game. There is nothing lackluster about the Superdome though. The Superdome cost $163 million to construct -- and really is super!
10 1936 Highest temperature ever recorded in Louisiana, Plain Dealing, 114 degrees
10 1959 Louisiana's shortest Legislative session ever, one hour
11 1971 La. Constitution created La. Superdome
11 1867 The Louisiana State Lottery is established
11 1856 A hurricane kills more than 200 people vacationing at Isle Derniere (Last Island).
12 1868 First Louisiana State Lottery Company, licensed for 25 yrs
13 1717 Philippe d'Orleans accepts the resignation of Crozat and his charter
14 1903 Albert Batson hanged in Calcasieu Parish Jail for murder of six members of Welsh family
15 1985 Hurricane "Danny" hits Vermilion Parish, 15% of barrier islands lost <15>15 1988 Republican National Convention begins meeting in New Orleans.
16 1831 A storm called the "Great Barbados Hurricane" hit just west of Baton Rouge wiping out sugar cane crops from BR to south of N.O. and killing 1,500 people
17 1969 Hurricane "Camile" hits near mouth of Miss. River, $322 million in damages
17 1807 The first commercially successful steamboat travels up the Hudson River MORE
18 1769 O'Reilly arrives in N.O. with 24 ships and 2,600 Spanish troops to take possession of Louisiana for Spain.
18 1779 A hurricane struck New Orleans, scattering a n entire Spanish fleet and distroyed or disabled all but one ship.
19 1812 A huge hurricane hit New Orleans leaving the city underwater and killing nearly 100 people.
19 1955 Archbishop Rummel declares Parochial schools will desegregate next school term
20 1853 'Black Day' 269 people died in New Orleans of Yellow Fever
21 1769 Gov. O'Reilly arrests leaders of revolution that ousted Gov. Ulloa
22 1879 A hurricane made landfall on the Cameron coast and pushed a huge tidal was across Calcasieu Pass driving 12 vessels on land. In Lake Charles it blew the spire off the Catholic Church.
22 1812 Claiborne becomes highest paid govenor in U.S.; $7,500 per year
22 1701 Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Bienville succeeds Ensign de Sauvolle (Sauvolle's first name is unknown) as commandant of Louisiana.
23 1714 St. Denis begins his exploration of Red River Valley
23 2002 A three judge appeals court panel unanimously rejects Edwin Edwards appeal on convictions
24 1955 U.S. Appellate Court desegregated LSU undergraduate classes
25 1917 Lake Charles notified that 1,200 acre Gerstner Air Field would be built near Holmwood
25 1966 Birthday of famous Shreveport Baseball player Albert Belle a 5-time MLB All-Star who slugged 381 home runs during his 12-year career.
26 1895 'Uncle' Earl Kemp Long born
26 1992 Hurricane "Andrew" hits south Louisiana near Morgan City
27 1900 Rosa Hart, director of Lake Charles Little Theatre born in Woodville, Mississippi
28 1956 Lake Ponchartrain Causeway opened
28 1831 A tropical storm caused major damage near the mouth of the Sabine River and destoryed crops as far north as Natchitoches.
28 1950 Birthday of famous Lafayette Baseball player Ron "Louisiana Lightening" Guidry New York Yankees pitcher who played for 14 years; after retiring, the Yankees retired his # 49 jersey.
29 1962 Heaviest rainfall in 24 hour period, 22 inches at Sabine Wildlife Refuge
29 2005 Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in the New Orleans/Biloxi area causing an est. $25 billion dollars worth of damage and displacing over 1 million residents.
30 1893 Gov. Huey P. "the Kingfish" Long born in Winnfield
30 1874 Coushatta Massacre: The White League lynched five recalcitrant Republican office holders. The Northern public expressed far more outrage of these five whites than over the deaths of many more blacks at Colfax a year earlier.
30, 1953 Birthday of great basket player Robert Parish of NBA center nicknamed "The Chief," who helped the Boston Celtics win three NBA Championships from 1981 to 1986.
31 1925 Le Petit Salon purchased 620 St. Peter Street in New Orleans
31 2005 The American Red Cross announces that Hurricane Katrina has become their largest relief effort ever.

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