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1 1863 Lincoln issues his Emancipation Proclamation
1 1935 The first Sugar Bowl game, Tulane defeated Temple, 20-14
1 1954 KSLA TV channel 12 in Shreveport, LA (CBS) begins broadcasting
1 2015 Donna Douglas, of The Beverly Hillbillies fame, died at age of 81.
1 1986 Birthday of LSU basketball great Glen "Big Baby" Davis of Baton Rouge
2 1811 U.S. Rep. Julien Poydras declared Louisiana's right to become a state
2 1869 Louisiana's "Old" Lottery held it's first drawing
2 1860 Seminary of Learning of the State of Louisiana near Pineville, Louisiana opened with Col. William Tecumseh Sherman as superintendent, would later become LSU, Seminary opens with five professors and 19 cadets
2 1987 Shelly Henning of Destrehan won Miss Teen USA in 2004 and portrayed Stephanie Johnson on the soap opera Days of Our Lives and was cast as Malia Tate in Teen Wolf.
3 1842 New Orleans first two primary schools - one for boys, one for girls - opens on Julia Street
3 1981 Eli Manning is the son of Archie Manning and played NFL quarterback who was named MVP of Super Bowls XLII and XLVI while leading the New York Giants to victory over the New England Patriots on both occasions.
4 1830 Louisiana State government moved to Donaldsonville from New Orleans
4 1757 King Louis XV of France survives an assassination attempt by Robert Frangois
5 1987 Pistol Pete Maravich inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame
5 1859 1st steamboat sails, Red River
6 1820 Reconstruction Gov. Robert Charles Wickliffe was born in Bardstown, Ky.
6 ------ Epiphany or 12 night (beginning of carnival season [Mardi Gras])
7 2016 Billy Navarre passes away at age of 61.
7 1954 Statue of Gen. Lee restored to monument in Lee Circle in New Orleans
8 1815 The Battle of New Orleans took place
9 1806 Lewis & Clark find skeleton of 105' blue whale in Oregon
8 1811 In Louisiana, a 500-slave revolt was led by Charles Deslondes at German Coast. The revolt lasted two days
9 1877 Both Democrat Francis T. Nicholls and Republican Stephen B. Packard claim victory in election for governor; both take oath of office.
9 1967 NFL New Orleans' franchise takes name "Saints"
9 1718 France declares war on Spain in two yesr War of the Quadruple Alliance
10 1812 The first steamboat to navigate the Mississippi River, the "The New Orleans," arrives at New Orleans from Pittsburgh
10 1945 LA Railway (with 5 streetcar lines) forced to close
10 1811 U.S. Federal troops end Louisiana Slave Revolt. 56 African-Americans die on the spot. The heads of many were displayed on poles as a warning to others.
10 1975 Jake Delhomme born in Breaux Bridge, La.
10 1867 Birthday of John H. Lejeune, a United States Marine Corps lieutenant general and the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps from Pointe Coupee.
11 2016 John Bel Edwards becomes 56th Governor of Louisiana.
11 1965 Black pro football players boycott AFL All-Star game in New Orleans
12 1849 (Gov.) Murphy James Foster is born in Franklin, La.
12 1997 Ice storm hits Calcasieu parish producing widespread damage and power outages for tens of thousands of residents, with some areas going without electricity for a week or more. The storm was linked to a period of unusually cold weather, with temperatures remaining below freezing for 100 hours or more in some sections of Louisiana.
12 1949 Birthday of actor Carl Weathers of New Orleans, actor and former professional football player who is best known for playing Apollo Creed in the Rocky series.
12 1912 Beauregard Parish created out of Calcasieu Parish
12 1863 President Davis delivers his "State of Confederacy" address
12 1932 Hattie Caraway (D-Ark) elected 1st woman senator with the help of Louisiana's Huey Long
12 1816 By French decree, the Bonaparte family is excluded from France forever
13 1818 Noah Ludlow opens St. Philip Street Theatre
13 1846 On the brink of war with Mexico, U. S. General Zachary TAylor and 4,000 troops march to the Texas border
13 1992 Edwin Edwards is inaugurated for his fourth term
14 1811 Congress authorized the Terr. of Orleans to organize as a state
14 1861 Fort Pike, LA is occupied by Louisiana Troops.
14 1897 First issue of the new, permanent LSU Reveille student newspaper printed.
14 1863 Battle between gunboats at Bayou Teche Louisiana
15 1917 Vinton Chamber of Commerce organized.
15 1815 Filipino settlers in Louisiana fought with French pirate Jean Laffitte MORE
16 1962 Students at Southern Univ. begin civil rights demonstrations
17 1823 Lafayette Parish, smallest in the state, is created
18 1838 Caddo Parish created from Natchitoches District, named for Caddo Indians
18 1962 Southern University closed following protest [more info]
18 1993 Martin Luther King Jr holiday observed in all 50 states for 1st time
18 1803 President Thomas Jefferson requests $2,500 to finance Lewis and Clark's west exploration. A week earlier, congress had approved $9,375,000 to purchase land near the French-held New Orleans - a move that led to the Louisiana Purchae.
19 1815 Final confrontation of War of 1812 at Ft. St. Philip on the Mississippi River
20 1716 Bienville wrote that he had "displeased Cadillac" by not marrying his daughter
20 1980 Terry Bradshaw (Louisiana), Pittsburgh Steelers, QB, named Superbowl XIV MVP
20 1997 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in New Orleans LA on KKND 106.7 FM
21 1736 Jean Louis, a sailor, died leaving 10,000 livres to found N.O. charity hospital
21 1979 Superbowl XIII MVP: Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh, QB
21 1985 Governor Edwards indicted on federal racketeering charges.
22 1731 King Louis XV takes back colony from Company of the Indies
22 1981 O A "Bum" Phillips becomes head coach of New Orleans Saints
23 1680 Bienville born in Montreal, Canada, 12 of 14 children
24 1936 Doug Kershaw born in Tiel Ridge, Louisiana
24 1652 Duke of Orleans joins Fronde rebels
24 2010 New Orleans Saints finally win their first NFC Championship game and get to go to play in a Superbowl game.
25 1864 Henry Watkins Allen succeeds Thomas Overton Moore as Confederate governor of Louisiana.
25 1930 Warren Combre, funeral director in Lake Charles, was born
26 1699 (According to one account)Pierre LeMoyne, Iberville landed at Pensacola on his way to Louisiana
26 1861 Louisiana's Secession Convention overwhelmingly votes to secede from the Union and become the Republic of Louisiana
26 1986 Superbowl XX in New Orleans: Chicago Bears beat NE Patriots, 46-10
26 1958 Ellen DeGeneres , comedian, who starred in the popular talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show from Metairie, LA.
27 1730 Jean Paul LeSueur leads 500 Choctaw Indians against the Natchez Indians
28 1934 Court fights begin between N.O. between Mayor Walmsley and Sen. Huey Long
28 1861 Fort Macomb, LA occupied by Louisiana State Troops
29 1699 (According to one account)Iberville first landed at Pensacola Bay
30 1704 Bienville told that "Pelican" was on its way with 27 young girls
30 1835 President Andrew Jackson survives the first attempt against the life of a president when a deranged man fires two pistols at him in the House chambers.
31 1966 Centenary College admits first black students in its 140 year history
31 1988 Doug Williams, the African American quarterback of the Washington Redskins, was named the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XXII [more info
31 1865 Gen Robert E Lee named Commander-in-Chief of Confederate Armies


1 1929 Ida B. LeBoeuf became first woman hanged for murder in LA.
1 1992 First modern Louisiana Lottery drawing
1 1937 Birthday of famous comedian Garrett Morris who was an African-American comedian who was in the original cast of Saturday Night Live
2 1829 Etienne de Bore, of sugar fame, dies at the age of 87
3 1753 Kerlerec arrives to take over Louisiana Colony
3 1820 Prohibition of slavery in western territory of Louisianan Purchase.
4 1765 Jean Jaques Blaise d'Abbadie died in New Orleans
4 1864 24th Amendment abolished Poll tax
5 1883 First train service from New Orleans to California
5 1817 Jean Lafitte died in battle off coast of Honduras
6 1682 LaSalle began his journey down the Mississippi River
7 2010 New Orleans Saints when their very first Super Bowl and finish the year at 14-3
7 1883 Sylvester Cary, "the father of Jennings", arrives as the first agent for the S. Pacific in Jennings, then only a railroad station
8 1898 Grandfather Clause inacted for voting purposes
9 1718 Bienville appointed Gov. of colony, replacing L'Epinay
9 1861 Jefferson Davis formally elected president of the Confederate States of America in Montgomery, Alabama.
10 1763 Treaty of Paris gave Louisiana Colony to Spain [more info]
11 1825 Jefferson Parish created, named for Thomas Jefferson
11 1805 Sacagawea gave birth to Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau (Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery). Lewis assisted the birth. Clark nicknamed the boy "Pomp".
12 1700 Ft de La Boulaye (Ft de Mississippi) est. 30 miles south of present day N.O.
12 1861 Louisiana adopts official flag of the Republic of Louisiana
12 1934 Bill Russell of West Monroe is the Legendary center who was a 5-time NBA MVP and 12-time All-Star selection. He led the Boston Celtics to an astounding 11 Championships from 1957 to 1969.
12 1949 Birthday of famous Baseball player Don Wilson the MLB pitcher for the Houston Astros who threw two career no-hitters; named to his only career All-Star game in 1971.
13 1899 Lowest temperature ever recorded in Louisiana, Minden, -16 degrees
14 1816 John Jacob Ryan (Lake Charles) born in Vermillion Parish
14 1920 Louisiana History author Joe Gray Taylor born
14 1957 Southern Christian Leadership Conference founded [more info]
15 1956 Fed. Judge S. Wright orders desegregation of N.O. schools with "all deliberate speed."
16 1724 Gov. Beinville was recalled to France in disgrace
17 1805 New Orleans is incorporated as a city
17 1801 Thomas Jefferson elected 3rd president after tying Aaron Burr and winning the tie-breaking votes in the House of Representatives.
18 1699 Iberville sets out in search of the east fork of the Mississippi River
18 1989 Voters turn down Governor Buddy Roemer's fiscal reform and tax increase package.
18 1989 Former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke elected to legislature.
19 1954 Lake Charles Little Theatre presents first Shakespearian play - featuring Rosa Hart
20 1811 President Madison signed bill providing for Louisiana'a statehood
20 1893 Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard dies in New Orleans
21 1882 First Mardi Gras Parade in Lake Charles takes place
22 1895 (22-23)Largest snowfall recorded in Lake Charles - 22 inches
22 1819 In the Adams-Onís Treaty - Spain acknowledges the Sabine River as Louisiana's western boundary.
22 1864 James Wells elected governor of Union Occupied Louisiana
23 1852 New charter extended N.O. boundaries to include Lafayette City
24 1843 Bossier Parish created out of Natchitoches District, named for Pierre E. Bossier
24 1927 Lake Charles Little Theatre opens doors for first productions
25 1921 U.S. government sells all remaining buildings and equipment at Gerstner Field in Lake Charles
26 1961 Common Street Cemetery (Lake Charles) established
26 1815 French General Napolean Bonaparte returns to France from exile in Elba
26 1877 Representatives of Republican presidential candidate Rutherford B. Hayes met with southern Democrats in Washington, D.C., to resolve the controversial presidential election of 1876.[more info]
27 1824 E. Feliciana Parish created from western Dist. of Feliciana
27 1827 New Orleans kicks off its first Mardi Gras.
28 1985 Gov. Edwin Edwards is indicted by federal grand jury on 51 counts or rackateering
28 The U.S. Congress approves $2,500 for the Lewis and Clark expedition.
29 1904 Study reported that 50 automobiles were owned and operated in N.O.

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