Independent Investigation Method of Research Inservice
Jan. 22/23, 2001

When a group of teachers attend a day long workshop, we never quiet know what we will be asked to do.
For more info on the (double I M) IIM form of teaching research, checkout:

Group work on an assignment

The A-Maize'N Corn Game

15 minutes to create a project

Are you stealing our ideas?

What can you do in just 15 minutes?

What teachers will do in an inservice

Planting corn demonstration

Showing off small handmade dolls

Hopi matching word game
Our research board

Singing about the Hopi Indians

Listening to directions

Look class, we did it!

Big Chief before the rain dance

The rain dance

Showing off the Corn game

Playing a pow-wow drum.

Getting ideas from anywhere

We don't want to miss a thing

Can you match the word with the meaning?

Below are some of the projects created by various schools around the country and on display at the inservice.

Creating a paper Quilt out of drawings

Creating unique displays

Creating poster style museums

Creating a board game from the topic

Another style of board game

Creating games using shower curtains and zip lock bags.
Photos by Greg English and Janie Fontenot