A visit to the Senate and House Chambers.
Left: Want to vote? Green for "yes", Red for "No" Yellow for ...or is it????....
Right: The huge bronze doors also show the state's history. This one shows the old state capitol. Later on today's tour.
Left and right: Closeups of various bronze doors
Left: The back hallway or the hallway of Huey's death.
The column that Dr. Carl Weiss stepped from behind to shoot Huey (in tyhe 1935 version)
Right: Details of the top of the column.
Left: The plaque that states that on this spot in 1935, U.S. Senator Huey Long was shot.
Right: One of the many "reported" bullet holes in the marble walls. Dr. Weiss was shot more than 60 times by Long's bodyguards.
Left: Details from the governors elevator doors.
Right: Statue of Governor Henry Watkins Allen.
Left: Statue of Bienville
Right: More Bronze door art.
Left: Peeking back into the foyer
Right: The Senate Chambers
Left: Detail inside the chambers.
Right: More buttons to pushs.
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Border art is made from the stained glass windows in the downstairs museum.
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